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Dewy Summer Glow Makeup

Easy Dewy Summer Glow Makeup How To

Picture Credit: Makeup by Kyrsta Morehouse. Photography by Hennessey Vandheur. Modeling by Marlena Asager.

Working as a professional makeup artist in all genres (TV, film, editorial, red carpet, etc.), I get asked to do a variety of makeups. As summer approaches, one of my favorite makeup looks to do is a simple dewy summer glow makeup. It's a beautiful, easy look that can be as natural or glammed as you would like.

To achieve this look, I always start by prepping my client's face. For this look, I like to use Smashbox iconic photo finish primer for the skin and First Aid beauty ultra repair lip therapy to prime the lips for a perfect pout. You always want to make sure you prep your face to achieve the best final smooth, dewy look.

Once the skin is primed and glowing, I use Smashbox camera ready BB cream with SPF 35. This BB cream not only provides you with a beautiful light, smooth coverage, but it also adds SPF for those sunny summer days. Next, I use a little bit of Stila aqua glow watercolor blush on the apples of the cheeks to give that rosy, sun-kissed effect. A beautiful highlighter to help us with this dewy skin effect is the Kevyn Aucoin guardian angel cream highlighter. You can go as heavy as you like with this step, but I love just a little brush across the top of the cheekbone. Using a liquid or cream blush and highlighter will help us achieve that dewy skin finish. Now it's time to set the liquid makeups you just applied with a light dusting of Cinema Secrets colorless ultralucent setting powder. You want to make sure to just do a light dusting to set the makeup, but we don't want a powdery matte finish. The last step for the skin is to lightly use Becca sunlit bronzer under your highlight to add a little warmth and contour to the face.

Next we move on to the eyes. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo is great for any brow. It gives you control on how dark or light you want your brows and comes in a variety of colors and shades. For this look I like to use the Smashbox full exposure palette for shadow. In this makeup I used the natural matte colors to smooth out the eyes and a slightly warmer brown in the crease. If you don't want a natural eye, you can start with one of the pale shimmer colors across the lid, in the corner of the eye, and directly under the eyebrow on the brow bone then add a small amount of one of the darker brown colors in the crease of the eye and blend out thoroughly to help add dimension to the eyes. After the shadow, we finish off the eyes with the Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in espresso, smudging out a thin line along the lashline to add some more definition and a few swipes of Smashbox x-rated mascara.

To finish off this look, we add a little Stila lip glaze to the lips in whatever shade compliments your skin tone and you are good to go! A beautiful and natural dewy summer look for everyone! Get your glow on!


Picture Credit: Makeup by Kyrsta Morehouse. Photography by Hennessey Vandheur. Modeling by Marlena Asager.

Picture Credit: Makeup by Kyrsta Morehouse. Photography by Hennessey Vandheur. Modeling by Marlena Asager.

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Dewy Summer Glow Makeup
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