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DIY Leave-in Conditioner

For Naturals

To all of my fellow naturals or transitioning naturals out there, you will love this combination for multiple reasons! You will receive moisture for your curls, hair growth, and save a lot of money by avoiding buying your pricey typical leave in conditioners!

I have 4b/4c natural dyed hair so, you can pretty much imagine the struggle I endure with providing moisture to my hair. I drink water as much as I can everyday, but my hair still needs that extra assistance to truly flourish.

I grew tired of purchasing numerous products (and so did my wallet). So, I decided to look up different DIY mixes to restore moisture for hair. I found many great combinations yet some of the mixes contained items I did not have at the moment.

I’ve decided to utilize the items that I have here at home which are:

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Distilled Water
  • Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed)
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Here are the hair benefits of each ingredient:

Aloe Vera Gel

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Conditions hair and scalp
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Alleviates itching

Distilled Water

  • Free of toxins and bacteria (never expires)

Olive Oil

  • Conditions hair
  • Promotes healthy longer and thicker hair

Jojoba Oil

  • Promotes healthy scalp and hair growth
  • Clears blockage and buildup

Argan Oil

  • Adds shine
  • Fights dandruff and dry scalp
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Contains Vitamin E

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • Increases blood stimulation to stimulate hair growth
  • Seals moisture into hair

You can find these items at your local beauty supply or grocery store. I bought a 12 ounce spray bottle from the dollar store and for those of you wondering if I actually cut an aloe vera plant for the gel, the answer is no. I got a nice bottle of aloe vera gel from Five Below! I suggest getting it for other purposes as well such as a facial moisturizer, sunburn treatment, and a nontoxic gel for edges or re-twisting locks.

Also, strive to get the purest form that you can afford regarding oils if you desire because the oils that come in tubes similar to lipgloss does not to strengthen your hair or prevent damage.

I did not use a particular measurement for each ingredient; I just filled my 12 ounce spray bottle with each element to my liking. I sprayed the mix in the morning and again before I went to bed everyday.

Not only did the mix providing the moisture I needed for my hair but, it also stimulated hair growth, which I really loved because I recently did the big chop and excited to leave this "twa" (teeny weeny afro) stage.

I have also experimented with using regular water or rose water instead of distilled water and I have received the same results! Distilled water is recommended if you’re keeping the ingredients in the spray for longer than 3 weeks but, if you use this mixture everyday like I do, then it will most likely disappear before three weeks. Whenever I do not run out of rose water, I add it to the leave in conditioner because it aids in moisture and smells AMAZING!

*ALWAYS remember that if you do decide to purchase a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing product, water MUST be the first ingredient listed or you will slowly cause damage to your curls.

I hope that this leave in conditioner mix creates miracles for you as it did for my hair!

Share this story with others so that they can learn something new and also save their coins!

Thank you for reading!

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DIY Leave-in Conditioner
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