DIY Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Ladies on a Budget

Hello, ladies. I'll be instructing you how to make your own lipstick. This method will spare you money and work for those on a budget.

Galaxy Lipstick

First of all, we're going to put water in a skillet and place two small glass bowls inside the skillet. In each bowl, you're going to put half of a teaspoon of coconut oil; after that, turn on the heat. Now, here's the gummy part. You get to choose the type of candy you like, such as gummy worms and marshmallow candies. You will then place one piece of candy in each small glass bowl, get 2 non-toxic crayons in the colors purple/violet and blue. Then break each crayon in half and put each color into the bowl (apply any colored glitter if you like).

After a while, it will melt, which will not take long. You're going to pour it into an empty chapstick tube, alternating the colors while doing so. For the drying process, it will take approximately a few minutes; just place it in the fridge.

Cotton Candy

First, you will need cotton candy, and you can pick any color you would like your lipstick to be. Next, you'll need Vaseline and any small container for mixing. Add one scoop of vaseline to the bowl, then add your cotton candy; the amount you add is how pigmented you want your color to be. After that, start mixing the product; it's going to look like a lipgloss. If you want to add more color, use some food coloring. When you're done mixing you can put it into a lipstick container, then you can store it in the fridge until it's a nice solid.

Bonus tip: To create a nice lip scrub for smooth lips, the items you need are some olive oil, honey, and white sugar. You'll only require a tablespoon of each. After mixing, you will then apply to lips and massage it for 5-10 minutes for complete results, and then clean off (leaves cherry tint).

Juicy Drop Lip Gloss

This process is shorter, but not much is needed for this. You're going to use Juicy Drop Pop candy (any flavor will work). The gooey stuff is what you'll be squeezing out into a glass bowl. After that, you will add some food coloring by your choice and then start mixing. Once you've got your lip gloss container then you're all set to go, loves!

Edible EOS

We're going to need 5-6 Jolly Ranchers in a small glass bowl; place in the microwave 15 seconds at a time. Notice they do not take long to melt. You will need an EOS balm container. Pour the Jolly Ranchers right away before it hardens; if that happens to you, just put it back in the microwave. After that, store in the fridge or freezer, then you should be good to go.

Chocolate Balm

Put a glass bowl over boiling water and then break some Kinder or Hershey's chocolate; then add some almond oil and start mixing when done. Then store in the freezer until it's a solid. This lip balm has no tint, but nourishes your lips. You can decorate your container whichever way you like so it can match the flavor and its purpose.

I hope you loved all the instructions to create natural and fun gloss. Enjoy your DIY, toxin-free lip products!  

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