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Do You Need a Skin Routine?

My Night-Time Routine

Do you really need a skin care routine? Does it really work and is it worth it? 

If you've read my story on "do you need rose water?" you got a glimpse into my skin care problems. I have very sensitive skin. I'm allergic to a lot of soap products, and have very mild to severe reactions when I use face masks, lotions, face wash, and even products that have been prescribed to me by a doctor. I even have huge reactions to something that is in our water (usually after each shower I take, I come out with burned skin and have awful rashes all over my body).

Finding the right face products for my acne prone skin was such an awful experience. I would find things that would work really well, but my face would literally burn and swell up for hours, and that is not worth a clear face.

I also have VERY oily skin, and most products that I use make my face overly dried out, so I HAVE to put lotion on after I wash or use a face mask. Which doesn't help at all with my already oily skin… or with the reactions that I have after using these products.

Ive tried many face and body products, especially for my acne. When I entered that teenage life, pimples flooded my face, I had them everywhere. They were super inflamed, under and over my skin. They were really big and were so painful and not to mention, embarrassing.

Along with my sensitive skin, I bruise easily, and once my inflamed pimples disappeared, they would leave these super dark acne scars and dark spots. To be completely honest, to me, those were so much worse than the huge red circles on my face. 

I tried everything from home made products to things given to me from a doctor... and nothing ever worked for me. I just recently started using rose water every night and my acne scars are fading, my skin is glowing, and its seriously never oily. I know what rose water is going to do with my skin for the future and I honestly can't wait. I am so glad that I decided to try rose water out, it is one of the best things I have tried for my face. (Go on my page and read "Do you need rose water?") You will not regret the read, you will seriously want to go buy rose water after reading that story. 

So I've only talked about rose water, but in the last week every night I decide to just give things another try with my skin, and a night time skin care routine. 

There are a few simple steps to get that glowing, acne and scar free face that I'm talking about.

You need a good cleanser, a toner, a mask (for the occasion), and a good moisturizer.

So for my sensitive skin, I use cetiphil (both for my cleaner and moisturizer).

1. Start by cleaning your face (this would be a good time to exfoliate, only do this two times a week… because I have so sensitive skin, I exfoliate only two times a month).

2. Next you want to treat you skin. If I have fresh pimples I put a little dab of a deep cleaning mask on each pimple. Then for my scars I put a skin brightener mask on those. For the rest of my face, I will put on a glowing mask.

After the mask(s) dry I wash them off, and use a toner.

3. Next I use a rose water toner all over my face, let it dry.

4. I then moisturize my face with unscented lotion. (because I have oily skin and because I do this routine at night, I LOAD my face up with this lotion)

When you have oily skin, putting something else that is oily on it, will tell your skin to not create as much of those natural oils.

5. To finish I have a rose water setting spray, and then I head to bed.

When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks so bright and fresh, it feels amazing and looks rejuvenated.

Lips are skin too right, I love to exfoliate my lips before bed and load them up with chapstick. 

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Do You Need a Skin Routine?
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