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Dream Skincare

Skincare that's organic, really works, and doesn't require you to spend an hour in the bathroom.

I have always struggled with dry skin. I’m from an island originally, and grew up just an hour or so away from the sea. My living environment was always humid, so when I first moved to Alberta, my skin acted out so much that it was painful. For a long time I looked for solutions, I must have tried every lotion in the drugstores, but none seemed to do the trick. It was one thing or another, either the smell was wrong, the consistency, too greasy, too liquid, some would just plain not work!

Several years ago I started looking for more natural make up and skincare products. I came across and my life was changed. I know, sounds a bit crazy, a website changing my life? I do mean it though, completely. I live in Canada and the city I was in was small, it’s still fairly small but at the time there was literally NOTHING in the way of organic skincare or cosmetics. I found it very difficult to get my hands products that were truly good, and good for you, until I discovered Clementine Fields. The website is operated by Ingrid and Thomas who are just the most lovely people, and if you’re confused about what to buy you can email them your questions and they will do their very best to help you out. Clementine Fields has an actual store based in Toronto, and if you’re interested I highly suggest going to the website and checking it out, but I digress… this post is meant to be about a very specific brand.

Years ago, through Clementine fields I found Graydon Skincare. As you know, most organic things have a high price tag on them, but I thought Graydon was very fairly priced for the amount of product I got. The first thing I ever ordered from them was the Green Cream and I fell in complete love. First of all, their formulations are so very gentle. There are no nasty chemicals, no harsh smells, and the product really does the job of hydrating my skin with out feeling like I’ve just put anything on. All you get is softness. Second, their creams double as eye creams! You KNOW the product is delicate when you can use it on your EYES! I’m extremely fond of things that do more than one job, because I travel and I like to keep things that I bring to the bare minimum in general. If I can have a face cream that goes on my WHOLE ENTIRE FACE, I’m sold.

In addition to the face creams, I’ve since searched their whole company, of course. They have tons of products for your face, body, eyes, hair, and search choices like unscented, EWG certified, as well as skin type categories and more. If you want to know more, head over to This is a very extensive, well made website and you should definitely go check it out, if not for any other reason than to see Graydon’s doggy mascot Odin… he’s seriously adorable.

If you want to try Graydon skincare, I highly suggest their super sensitive skin stuff. It works for nearly all skin types I believe and is VERY gentle, especially if you have reactive skin that doesn’t like too much interference or scents or anything of that sort.

Let me know if you’ve tried it, if you love it, what your thoughts and experiences are, and here’s a link to Odin
(He’s right at the bottom of the page there.)

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Dream Skincare
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