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Eight Hair Hacks to Help You Look Your Best

Bob, Bangs, Curly, Tapered, Full, Layered

Whether one is curious to see the latest haircut styles, or wants to try new haircut ideas and inspirations, the internet is cluttered with a lot of useful information. Even if you love a specific haircut style as much as a friend or family member, you will want to try other hairstyles. No other hair look inspires you like the coolest haircut that matches your personality and lifestyle. Haircuts range from layered bobs to curly bobs, and cool shags, and there are a lot of inspiring hairstyles in 2019.

Beachy Bob

Anyone interested in the laid-back look that doesn’t want to make their hair shorter should try the beachy bob. It is a super blunt haircut that has no hair, and instead, its graduated length is what causes the movement. After styling the hair with loose waves, apply plenty of salt spray on the head to get that beachy appearance. 

Blunt Lob

Though shaggy lobs have taken the fashion industry by a storm, the sleek version has a significant impact as well. It has a flattering collarbone-grazing that give people enough edge without cutting their hair too short. For a modern feel, request for a blunt cut with no angles or layers. 

Blunt Bangs

These blunt bangs are an excellent way of creating a new hairstyle without the need to commit to length change and drastic haircut. You can also pair a collar-length cut with these brow-grazing bangs for that amazing look. Another killer haircut is to add blunt bangs to a shaggy lob that doesn’t have a twist.

Curly and Full Haircut

Of course, every woman is interested in embracing their natural curls, and taking advantage of their texture to the fullest. Curly girls want to incorporate lots of layers and heavy bangs to encourage movement and volume, and to give their hair unmatched personality. The key to styling the cut is to make sure curls are completely dry before touching them, and laying products. The only time a hair stylist can open up and work on their client’s spiral without worrying about frizz is after they are 100 per cent dry. 

Strong Bob

Also known as a blunt bob, the popularity of the bob is on the rise in San Francisco. Anyone that wants to make a statement with their haircut should consider this style. The hairstyle is ideal for any hair texture, but people with dense hair texture should ask their hairdressers to thin it first.

Chandler Layers

People referred chandler layers as a beach wave in 2018. Chandler layers are adjustable for any face shape, suit any hair type, and are perfect for both medium and long hair lengths. Chandler comes in layers that can fall precisely and freely to add volume that no one can flatten or weigh down. Request for your hairstylist to give you graduated, smooth chandler layers, and long layers at the back for face framing. Alternatively, use long bangs that the hairdresser can style to either side to balance the hair.

Tapered Cut

Hairstylists are witnessing a surge in women going for either cropped or short cuts when looking for a new style that is easier to manage or transitioning from no shave November rules. The tapered cut allows the creation of clean lines and shorter sides, and leaves long hair length for natural haircuts such as double-strand twists, coils, rods, and twist-outs. Women are experimenting with tapered cuts with various colors to achieve that edgy look. Ushering a New Year calls for a new and fresh start for almost everything including your haircut style and outfit. Women can now take their previous year’s haircut styles a notch higher with incredible cuts that work for any hair type.

Asymmetrical Undercut

An asymmetrical undercut is a sharp bob–pixie haircut with an undercut on one side, and curls on the other. One trick for a perfect asymmetric undercut is to bring a photo of styles you love, and what you don’t love with you to the salon. Those photos speak volumes, and will guide your stylist.

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Eight Hair Hacks to Help You Look Your Best
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