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Elf Shadow & Liner Duo Stix Eyeliner Pencil Review

Riley's Makeup Reviews Pt. 1

E.L.F. Shadow & Liner Duo Stix eye pencil pictured above. (Photo credit: E.L.F. Cosmetics)

This is the E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Shadow & Liner Duo Stix Eyeliner pencil; it comes double ended with matte eyeliner on one end and shimmer eyeliner on the other. It is a larger eye pencil than normal and is great for thicker lines than most other eyeliner sizes. The main difference between the matte and shimmer powders is that the shimmer has more of a sparkle effect with more glitter, while the matte is a flatter texture with less glitter. 

To use this eye pencil, you should buy a larger diameter pencil sharpener. The larger diameter sharpener would be one that has a hole twice the size of a normal pencil. I found a sharpener that works well at Five Below for 99 cents. So, no need to worry about that in terms of price.

I would recommend this particular eye pencil to anyone that is looking for an emo/scene look or anyone looking for a thick or smokey eyeliner. I personally use this eyeliner as of when the article was written because it gives a thick line that isn't too thick, which gives you the flexibility to create a lot of looks. If you want something that gives you thinner lines and more precision, E.L.F. makes a whole range of products that are sure to suit your needs.

Since this eye pencil is double ended, it comes with plastic caps for both ends to avoid wear on the pencil tips while it's stored in your makeup bag or box, and also to avoid accidentally getting eyeliner on your hands while applying. As always, this and all E.L.F. products are cruelty-free and mildly priced, so I encourage you to check them out here.

The only real downside of this eye pencil that I can see is that the powder crumbles easily when sharpening, which can be frustrating when trying to get a good point.

Despite the problem when sharpening, I feel that this is a very versatile and easy to use tool for anyone. No matter if it's used on the go like I use it, or at home to get ready for an event, this eye pencil will look stunning.

If you have any requests for me to review certain products, email me. I'd be happy to review most anything that is a reasonable request.

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Elf Shadow & Liner Duo Stix Eyeliner Pencil Review
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