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Ellie Shows You How to GLOW!

Using some of our products, you too can be a Golden Girl.

This is Ellie. She’s in high school in Chester, UK and she’s one of our biggest fans. She loves cosmetics, and is getting scarily good at SFX make-up—her Instagram is a sight to behold! 

We love having real people blog for us, or review our products—as that means so much more than if someone is paid to do it, or is just writing nice things in return for some freebies. Ellie offered to use some of our products when creating her looks, and we jumped at the chance!

She created several looks before settling on this one, and it was hard for us to choose which photos of hers to use, as she’s just so gorgeous! She makes it look so easy, but if you follow her instructions, you too can be a bronzed Goddess.

She said, "January’s pretty gloomy so there’s no better time to break out the glitter. As soon as I saw the Fairypants glitters I instantly fell in love with them. I used the Demeter glitter palette to add a sparkly, bronzed glow to my eyes and to create the eye shadow look, I put a matte brown in my crease. Then to finish it off I added some Fairypants glitter to my eye lids then Titania in my inner corner for a bit more detail.

"This palette can be used to create a golden look for the day and a smoky eye at night. The products are so pigmented with such an easy application. I would also recommend the powder eyeshadows, especially Cleopatra and Titania for an extra bit of shimmer."

So if you want to create this simple, bronzed look for yourself, you’ll need Demeter, Titania, and Cleopatra. Cleopatra is a rich, glittery gold and Titania is softer, more pastel. Both are loose powder eyeshadows that you can use wet or dry using just a baby wipe (see video!). Demeter needs no fixative, and can be worn alone, or built up over these shadows as Ellie has done.

Using Our Shadows Wet and Dry

See how easy it is?

You will also need one of our Eyeshadow Brushes (F248, £5.99) to get the best blend. Use it dry, to sweep Titania over the whole lid using the flat edge. Blend it up, and out towards your brow bone. Take it slightly onto your lower lid too, for added effect.

Tap the brush clean, and dip it into Cleopatra. Using the flat edge again, sweep Cleopatra from roughly the middle of your eyelid, out to the corner, and again sweep up towards your brow bone. Run the edge of the brush along a baby or make-up wipe to dampen, and dip it back into Cleopatra. Use the damp powder to line your top lid along your lash line, and buff it up towards the crease.

Finally, clean the brush off on the wipe, and pat it onto your desired shade of glitter from the Demeter Palette. Gently swipe the glitter onto your lid, using a pushing or dabbing motion to spread the glitter evenly. Use it across the whole lid, or just built up over the brighter section that you used Cleopatra in. Build up the glitter with more layers, or leave it quite subtle, as Ellie did.

All of our cosmetics are Vegan and Cruelty Free, and the glitter used in our eyeshadows is Biodegradable, coming from a form of plant cellulose. If you’d like to write a blog for us, or review one of our products then get in touch—we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at [email protected] We’d especially like to see more tutorials, or your advice on application for our customers. 

The Finished Look...

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Ellie Shows You How to GLOW!
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