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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Spray Tan

Do it right, and you won't turn out orange.

I have only had three spray tans in my life, which doesn't necessarily make me an expert, but it's the experience that matters. I have never met a spray tan I didn't like. Not only are they easy, but spray tan gives you a quick, gorgeous glow that is perfect for any occasion. Before you spray, here are a few tips and recommendations to keep in mind and help you perfect your next flawless tan.

1. Know your complexion.

The color of your skin has everything to do with your next tan. If you are pale, you don't want to choose an option that will make you look too dark and unnatural, and if you have a darker complexion, choosing an option that is not dark enough will be a waste. Know what it is you are looking for, and work with your salon consultant on finding what would be best for you, before you begin.

2. Shower and exfoliate before you spray.

Showering right after your session can reduce the results of your tan, and cause it to become streaky and uneven. If you absolutely need to wash your hair or something on your spray day, make sure you do so beforehand. Also, exfoliating will help to remove dry, flaky skin that could interfere with the final outcome of your tan.

3. You can wear undergarments when you spray, but you don't have to.

Personally, I don't wear anything while I spray, just because I don't want the substance to stain my clothes. While it is FDA recommended, I haven't run in to a problem so far. This really just depends on your personal preference. Just remember, stains happen.

4. ALWAYS apply barrier cream.

Barrier cream is a lotion-like substance that keeps parts of your body from turning orange. It is important you apply this cream before you spray, putting it on the palms of your feet and hands, in between your fingers, and even on your elbows. Make sure to look for it in the tanning booth—most salons provide the cream for free.

5. Don't freak out when your skin doesn't automatically turn dark.

Spray tans take time. It isn't the color that sprays on, but rather a clear material that begins to turn within 24 hours after your tan. Although spray tans usually last for a week, give or take, you won't begin to see prominent results until the second or third day, depending on the type of tan you received.

6. Moisturizing your skin promotes longer lasting tans.

Applying lotion to your skin and staying hydrated helps to lock in the pigment and moisture to keep your tan looking fresh for a longer period of time.

7. When showering, avoid loofahs and washcloths.

You can't wash off a spray tan, but if you end up being too harsh on your skin when showering/bathing, you can definitely leave your tan looking uneven and streaky. Be gentle on your body when showering during the week of your spray tan, and pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing.

8. Do your research and find tanning deals.

Sun Tan City always has promotions for spray tans, whether they are 50 percent off, five dollars, or completely free. I have never paid full price for a spray tan (I don't even know what the full price is!) If there is one piece of advice you take away from this post, it would be this: do your homework and find a promotion on your next tan! In this case, less is definitely more, and you are given an opportunity to look glam and ball on a budget.

9. Wear old, baggy clothing.

A common mistake that a lot of people make is wearing things like tight jeans, tops, and leggings to their spray tan appointment. Wearing such compacted clothing right after you spray can alter the results of your tan. The tanning substance is a bit sticky at first, and this can also stain your clothes. Skip your favorite outfit and save it for when your tan is poppin' instead.

10. It can be weird at first, but it is worth it!

I have to admit, it is a little awkward on your first time, because it's hard to know if you're actually doing it right! But spray tans are worth it. They are a completely healthier alternative to tanning beds, they're quick, easy, and they leave you looking and feeling like a queen! Spray tans are just another form of self care. Treat yourself and go get one!

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Spray Tan
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