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Everything You Need to Know About Jeffree Starr's "Thirsty" Summer Collection


Yesterday Jeffree Starr officially revealed his newest Summer Collection "Thirsty" on Youtube! Sadly this collection doesn't launch until the 16th, but here's a little preview of what's to come! I'm feeling THIRSTY!

So let's dive right in, you guys! The Thirsty Palette features some bright orange packaging with little water droplets all over the cover. It houses 15 GORGEOUS summer-inspired shades. He said that it is going to retail for only $48, and I am extremely excited for this launch! The shades include from left to right: Parched, Taste Buds, Biiiitch!, Kumquat, Stroke, Divine, Filthy Rich, Lick, Snatched, Plunge, Subtle, Quench, Submerge, Splash, and Drizzle. Jefree also stated that the pan sizes are identical to his Bloodsugar Palette that launched in February! The below descriptions are basically what Jeffree described the colors to be as we cannot see them in person yet...Here we go! 

Parched: This color is great for the brow bone or an all over base color. It is a beautiful fair/light bone color. 

Taste Buds: This is a baby coral shade! 

Biiiitch!: Reddish-pink-orange hybrid. Jeffree said that this Parched, and Taste Buds are the perfect "Creamsicle Fantasy" when mixed together! The shadow also got its name because "Biiiitch!" is what he said when he first tested it! 

Kumquat: Aside from the sexual innuendo, Jeffree said this shade was named after his own kumquat tree. This is a gorgeous almost pumpkin orange shade. I guess it is more the color of a kumquat! 

Stroke: Jeffree described this as the pumpkin shade...I can see that. It is an orange shade with a red undertone. This would be a gorgeous crease color!

Divine: This is the first shade that he describes as being an ultra metallic with glitter. This shade is a gorgeous silver glitter that is bound to wake your eyes right on up! 

Filthy Rich: This is a gorgeous gold shade! I cannot wait to try it out! 

Lick: This is a topaz glitter. When he swatched this in the video, my mouth dropped. This shade is absolutely stunning. Hello...Good morning! 

Snatched: This is a pinky champagne glitter. Perfect for pink glam looks! Jeffree stated that these formulas are meant to be used with synthetic brushes and fingers, so he did not put his signature Starr logo in the center as to not mess up the quality. Props baby! 

Plunge: This shade is more of a bronze color! He also said that he tried to improve the formula for the glitter shades so they would not have as much Fallout! I see you Jeffree! 

Subtle: This shadow is a medium cool-toned brown.

Quench: Yass, girl! I have been dying for a bright yellow from him! The hand swatch from the video shows that he came through with this shade! This is an ultra BRIGHT yellow! 

Submerge: This is one of the bright blue shades in the palette. They are the first shadows you notice as soon as you open the palette. This shade is a little bit darker than Splash. It almost looks like it has a teal undertone! 

Splash: This shade looks like it was made from pool water! This is a vibrant light blue almost cerulean! 

Drizzle: This is the final shade in the palette. It is a dark chocolate brown shade! 

There are also eight new Velour Liquid Lipsticks in this Collection! The shades include Soft Serve, Coral Fixation, Thirst Trap, Fudge Pop, Huntington Beach, Cherry Wet, Yummy, and "818." These formulas are all vegan, cruelty-free, and even safe to use around your eyes if you are feeling bold! They all retail for $18 each, But I'm sure that there will be a bundle in our future!

Soft Serve: This shade is the perfect peachy nude for summer!

Coral Fixation: This is an obvious bright coral shade! Gorgeous!

Thirst Trap: This shade is a metallic beige champagne! It was stunning swatched on his mouth!

Fudge Pop: This was one of my personal favorites swatched. This shade is a warm tone metallic brown with hints of gold shimmer. Jeffree said once it dries on your lips, use your finger and you can activate the glitter!

Huntington Beach: This was inspired by Jeffree's hometown in California! This is a bright and "obnoxious" teal blue! Pair it with Splash, and Submerge from the eyeshadow palette and you can match the ocean this summer!

Cherry Wet: This gorgeous shade is a red-pink hybrid. This is going to be a go-to for summer! I can feel it!

Yummy: This shade is a burnt orange with hints of gold glitter. This one is another shade that dries and then you can activate its glitter! This shade could even be taken into your fall 2018 with its stunning orange color!

"818": This shade is the "OLDER SISTER" of Jeffree's shade "714." It is inspired by the area code of Calabasas where the Starr Family now resides! This shade is a gorgeous pale pink perfect for those hot days!

I could not find pictures of the lipstick swatches, so to see them scroll down and click on the YouTube link! 

Along with the rest of the collection, Jeffree will be putting out four new flavors of his Velour Lip Scrub. They include: Orange Gummy Bear, Rainbow Sherbet, Pink Lemonade, and Grape Soda! They each retail for $12 a piece. They already sound so YUMMY!

In the above picture, you can also see two new bags and three new mirrors. The holographic make-up bag will retail for $28, and the orange travel bags will retail for $30. The mirrors are as cute as they can be. They feature designs inspired by the All-American Bomb Pop, and Orange Creamsicle, plus a bright orange star! They will all retail for $20 apiece, and, honestly, I cannot wait for the launch! 

Which item are you most excited for?

Thanks for reading and please go and check out my other stories!

YouTube Link

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Everything You Need to Know About Jeffree Starr's "Thirsty" Summer Collection
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