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Favorite Makeup Revolution Products

Makeup Revolution makes inexpensive makeup items and is one of my favorite budget beauty brands.

Makeup Revolution is a drugstore beauty brand from the UK. They specialize in making affordable makeup items and are also available in ULTA Beauty stores in the USA as well as online. This article will showcase some of my all-time favorite makeup items from Makeup Revolution. Be sure to check these items out; you can't beat the price of these. 

Revolution Blush Palette - Blush Queen $10

This blush palette comes in a plastic case with a clear see-thru window on the front. The window makes it easy to see the product inside. Many Makeup Revolution products come with similar packaging, so this window on the front makes it easier to tell the products apart. I own blush, eyeshadow, and a highlighter palette that all have the same size packaging and window on the front.

This blush palette has eight different shades. The colors are pigmented and blend out well. Some of the shades look similar on, and all are a pink tone. This blush palette would look best on someone with a pale skin tone and cool undertones. These blushes do have a shimmer to them, but I enjoy shimmer blushes so that is a plus for me.

Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter - Pink Kiss $9

I purchased this item off the Makeup Revolution UK website. This shade of Skin Kiss Highlighter is not available in the United States. I had to have this shipped to me from overseas. This color is my favorite out of all the Skin Kiss Highlighters I have tried. I am very pale and this highlighter is a gorgeous light pink shimmer shade and looks amazing on. This highlighter gives a nice glow to my skin and is easy to blend out.

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Brows $15

This set contains four brow powders and two brow waxes. The shades are varied colors of brown and can be blended together to create the perfect color for your complexion. I find that I use different colors in this set depending on how dark my hair is. This eyebrow kit also has a light pink highlighter that looks gorgeous on your brow bone. I own several different eyebrow kits, and this is the one that I reach for most often. The brow powders can be a bit powdery, but they do have good pigmentation and are long lasting once they are on. 

I Heart Revolution I ♡ Chocolate - Pink Fizz $15

I love this eyeshadow palette. There are many different shade sections in the Revolution Chocolate Bar lineup, but this is the one that I reach for most often. If you love shimmery eyeshadows, then this is the palette for you. There are only three matte shadows and thirteen shimmer shadows in this collection. The eyeshadows go on buttery and work best when applied with your fingers. There is some fallout in this palette but I find it's not that bad and the colors blend out beautifully and compliment each other. This palette has lighter tones of eyeshadows and would look best on someone with cool skin tones and a pale complexion. 

I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts - Bursting with Love $7

This is Makeup Revolution's version of the Too Faced heart-shaped products. I am in love with the heart shaped cardboard packaging this product comes in. It's simply adorable. This blush is a baked formula and has three different color stripes that can be blended together. This creates a nice pink shade. I love this blush formula and the color looks beautiful on my pale skin. This is one of my most used blushes.

I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts - Goddess of Faith $7

This highlighter comes in an adorable heart-shaped box which is one of the things that drew me towards it. The highlighter has great pigmentation and has a light gold sheen to it. This shade looks great on my pale skin tone and is a color that would compliment any skin tone it was used on. It's a very versatile color. 

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