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Finding Neverland

Three ways to cease and reverse aging, the natural way.

You did not come here to read a whole introduction paragraph about how a natural anti-aging beauty routine is the best way (even though it is), and the time is ticking! None of us are getting any younger and we need to act fast; let’s jump right into it. I’ve tested these all out for myself. They're all effective, and these three are definitely my favorite. All very easy to make and to apply. 

Glowing For The Gawds Facial

If you want to glow like JLo in 2002, this is the facial mask for you. Not only does it tighten and shrink your pores, it also brightens.

Whisk one egg white, juice of 1/4 lemon, and add 1tsp Honey. Apply with clean makeup brush or clean hands. 

Prep time: one - two minutes 

Leave on time: thirty minutes 

Better Than Botox Banana Skin & Potato Facial

This one takes and little more elbow grease but it is so worth it! I received so many compliments on my skin during the testing phase of this vitamin-packed facial. I recommend to use it three or four times a week. Store in an airtight container (preferably glass).

In a food processor blend 1/4 cup milk, one peeled and diced large potato, half kiwi with the skin removed, and one banana peel scrapped (only use the inside walls of banana peel and discard the rest. Also, freeze the actual banana for your smoothie later!). Add little milk at a time for the consistency you would like. Some like more of a facial wash and that’s okay too! Apply with clean hands only. 

Prep time: five - seven minutes

Leave on time: thirty - forty minutes (unless used as a facial wash)

The Qween is Quaking Facial

It’s that simple; just puréed mango and some Quaker Oats. Just stir in the oats and let it sit on your face for a few. Lightly rub it in circular motions at the end to exfoliate. (You could also do this one before any of the other two facials because of this added exfoliating aspect). Apply with clean hands only. 

Prep time: five minutes 

Leave on time: twenty minutes 

Maybe, in reality, we can’t stop the aging process and everyone should be proud of the laugh lines they’ve accumulated over the years. Sometimes, it just feels good to do something for yourself, even if it is putting puréed fruit and your kids instant oatmeal on your face while sipping a glass of wine.  Take care of yourself; that’s the true way to finding Neverland. 

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Finding Neverland
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