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Five Great Makeup Products for Cheap

My Favorite Products Around Five Dollars or Less

Let's face it, makeup is expensive. Here are some items that will keep you and your wallet looking great!

1. Photo Focus Foundation by Wet n Wild ($5.99)

For me, this is the fullest coverage and most affordable foundation on the market. It comes in a variety of shades so everyone can experience it.

It looks amazing in photos and is actually tested to prevent flashback!

The only drawback is it kind of smells like a hardware store, but I promise it's not a hard wear. ;)

Bonus: It's cruelty free.

2. Airspun Loose Face Powder by Coty ($5.97)

This silky smooth powder is perfect for setting your face.

You can use it to bake under the eyes or use it all over the face. With its lightweight texture, it will keep you from feeling and looking cakey, and it will give you the most natural satin finish.

3. Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder by Maybelline ($5.94)

For those of you not too fond of translucent powders, or you are looking for more of a deeper option, we have this guy.

This powder is perfect for adding just a touch more coverage on top of your foundation without adding more weight and cake.

I love this powder because, for me, the powder itself is pigmented and prevents any white flashback. The flashback has instead activated the pigment, making you look much more natural in harsh light.

4. MegaGlo Highlighting Powder by Wet n Wild ($4.68)

Welcome to the highlight (pun intended) of my piece.

This highlighter will give you a kiss of light in all the right places.

It can be subtle or you can build it up to blind your enemies. This particular shade "Precious Petals" reminds me of Euphoric Strobe Light from Hourglass.

5. Color Icon Blush by Wet n Wild ($2.93)

Do you remember that Orgasm blush from Nars that everyone loves?

Here's her sister. This blush is flattering on everyone that I've seen. Try it and it gives the skin just a tiny bit of glow while giving a truly post verbal glow.

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Five Great Makeup Products for Cheap
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