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Full Face Makeup Only Using Drugstore Products

Affordable & Flawless

I have always loved makeup. I used to have an obsession with it when I was younger, taking several trips to the mall every month just so I could wander around Sephora, MAC, and any other cosmetic store I came across. I would aimlessly walk around, swatching every foundation, lipstick, or eyeshadow that caught my attention. However, I quickly realized how expensive it is to use these brands consistently, especially when doing a casual, everyday look.

What really pushed me towards exploring drug store makeup was one summer when I could not keep up my face make up shades with how often the color of my tan kept changing. Then as fall progressed, I could not keep up with how often my tan would fade and my make up would apply as more of an orange than it once did as a natural color. 

I knew that Ulta Beauty Stores had a section dedicated to drug store makeup brands, so I figured I would go there to first explore through my cheaper options. I also read a lot of reviews online about drug store makeup brands that held their value, were comparable to high end makeup brands, and had a variety in skin tones. Needless to say, I went in there pretty much knowing the exact brands I wanted to test out for myself before making my final decisions.

Since then, I continually bought almost all of my makeup from drugstore brands. My preference in certain brands, products from different lines, and specific products within the brands I like have changed slightly. I highly prefer brands like NYX, L' Oreal, and Physician's Formula. I do not exclusively use these brands only, but I am rarely disappointed by these product lines and prefer most of their products over those of other companies. 

In this video, I use my e.l.f. tone adjusting face primer, L'Oreal magic skin beautifier B.B cream in anti- redness shade, Physician's Formula ombre bronzer, L'Oreal magic lumi light infusing primer (although I use it as a subtle highlight), Neutrogena Hydro Boost plumping mascara, and e.l.f. makeup mist & set setting spray. I use both a green primer and green based B.B cream because I tend to have small breakouts often and naturally already carry a slight red tone. The B.B cream eventually matches my natural skin after neutralizing any redness, which takes care of my problems as I get tan or as I lose it. 

I do use high end makeup brands, but prefer to use drugstore makeup for my day to day use. Usually when I do splurge on something high end, it is an eyeshadow pallet or highlight because those are things I use much less in general, meaning the product will last longer and prove to be worth the money I spent on it. Favorite pallets of mine include anything from Urban Decay's "Naked" line and their Vice 2 pallet.

Personally, I have not noticed any difference in quality between high end and drugstore makeup brands. Generally, any issues I seem to have with drugstore makeup, I have also had with high end make up. However, I do find it rare to use drugstore makeup face products and easily able to fall into that "cakey" look quickly while applying. I believe drug store brands (or at least the products I frequently use) require more of repeated application to be truly "full coverage," which allows for more control when applying concealer or foundation.

Haven't seen my first YouTube video? Head over to my Facebook page (link below) to find my video all about how I do a full face of makeup everyday using only drugstore makeup brands!

You can also find me on Instagram: @annereboaa

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Full Face Makeup Only Using Drugstore Products
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