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Get the Skin You've Always Wanted

Learn how to get the best skin you have always wanted using all-natural, organic products.

Organic Skin Care

People of all of different skin types seem to always struggle with some type of skin condition that they aren't content with. Whether they suffer from acne, dryness, discoloration, oiliness or redness; we are always searching for the latest skin-care trends to help get that clear, smooth, glow in our skin.

My Skin Story

I'm a Lemongrass Spa Consultant and ever since I have joined the company, I have learned so much about the pure benefits of changing my skin-care routine into an all organic one. If you aren't aware of what Lemongrass Spa is, let me start off by saying it is not a spa. This is an organic skin-care company that creates natural and effective products that are both indulgent, purposeful and safe. You can choose from organic, all-natural skin care, body care, make-up products and so much more! I used a few of their facial products from a friend and I immediately saw a difference. After a couple of months of consistently using their products, I felt like I had to join their team to get the word out. I wanted to help and show others what organic products can do to transform their skin into the skin that they have always dreamed of.

I used to be a heavy make-up user. I would never leave the house without it. My skin was always pretty oily and the oils would make my make-up look like it was melting off after about five hours into my day. I also have large pores which would explain the oily skin. I kept needing to use blotting papers constantly! I purchased various products, no matter the price, to minimize the oils and the size of my pores. I never really educated myself when it came to my skin type so whenever I shopped for products if it read it would help my oily skin, I would buy it. I began to notice that a lot of products that claimed to be for oily or acne prone skin began to really dry my skin out. After a while, my face was barely oily anymore but now drier. I started to see dry patches on my cheeks, around my nose and chin area. NOTHING WAS WORKING. The products I kept trying were either too moisturizing or too drying for my skin. I couldn't find a balance and my poor skin was suffering.

After being introduced to Lemongrass Spa, my skin has thanked me every day. Every one I would come across had complimented my skin and asked what products I used, which already says a lot if people were going out of their way to ask me. Today, I no longer see dry patches or see my skin producing an excessive amount of oils. I can say I am now comfortable without using make-up and no longer see the use for it in my routine. I have found my balance and my skin loves me for it.

Still not convinced?

Let's get into the facts. Do you know what is in your current skin-care or beauty products? Can you pronounce what is in the ingredients? When you look up those long words on the internet, does it show that it benefits skin?

A founder of Global Healing Center, Dr. Edward Group, states the overall problems with standard skin care products today. "You might think there are regulations in place to keep everyone honest but, believe it or not, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't need to approve what ingredients are added to personal care products. If a company says an ingredient is safe, that's basically deemed good enough," says Dr. Group in his article, "Why is Natural Better?" He proceeds to explain that the "safe" ingredients in these standard skin care products can contain chemicals that can cause skin issues and may be linked to increased cancer risk.

Your skin is like a sponge so whatever you put on it, it will soak up. Wouldn't you want to know what is going into and onto your body? Just because a brand is claiming that their product is natural doesn't really mean it is. Make sure you read the ingredients on the label before being convinced it's good for your skin. Yes, Lemongrass Spa says that they are all-natural and organic but the proof is shown in their ingredients. As someone who has more than half of their products, I know what I put on my skin everyday and I'm perfectly happy with what's in it.

Overall, look after your health which also involves what you put on your skin. If your skin absorbs anything you put on it, why put harmful chemicals? Taking care of your skin with organic skincare will improve the way your skin looks and feels but educate yourself on what is best for your skin type as well. Not every product is going to get a great reaction from your skin but that's your skin telling you to try something else. Lemongrass Spa provides all different types of cleansers, moisturizes, face masks, and more depending on your skin type. Check it out for yourself and be good to your skin!

Lemongrass Spa

Click here to learn more about the company and shop for your new skin-care routine!

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Get the Skin You've Always Wanted
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