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Glisten: 5 Best Highlighters for Wet-Looking Skin

Who doesn't want to look sweaty 24/7?

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Sarah, why would I want to look sweaty? It seems completely counterproductive."

I, for one, am super happy that matte skin has had its rotation because I've personally never been a fan of matte skin with a super blinding highlight. If that's you, then you rock it! These highlighters still apply to you and anyone—but that sweaty look is just in and I had to write about it. 


The Marc Jacobs Glow Stick will forever be on my top shelf—I mean forever. It's a "universal" shade, meaning, it can blend and meld with any complexion. I have experience using this on a pretty broad spectrum of clients, and it's the definition of wet. You need it, I promise.

On a similar note, Glossier's infamous Haloscope highlighters are unique. They don't blend in the way that the Glow Stick does—rather than melting like butter into the skin, it rather sticks onto it (best applied with fingers, trust me). It definitely makes you look like you drank a full glass of water, as it boasts "a solid core of vitamin-rich moisturizers" that act as a hydrating agent/barrier between your skin and the environment. They have a relatively universal shade range, no matter your complexion, too! I love you, Glossier (also, pick up their Boy Brow while you're at it! Won't regret it!)


CTilbury just has a habit of getting you, you know? All of her products are beautiful and gorgeous, and she just has such a cult following it's easy to slip and add $400 worth of product into your car at once (no, I totally haven't done that...). I'd classify her Hollywood Glow Wand as glossy liquid radiance.

The only complaint I have is the stupid applicator—it's bacteria heaven. The easy solution is to dab the product onto your wrist, never directly onto the face/active breakouts. Of course, I didn't think of this until after I contaminated the wand. Don't be me.

Anyways, you need this if you want to look like all of the models on her IG page—and I mean that. Buy it. It's worth risking countless acne breakouts for.


I think most people are tired of hearing about the same, boring, "I-just-layered-this-four-times-and-blinded-my-neighbor" golden-toned highlighters. I get it, it's annoying. BUT these are different.

If you don't already have this on your shelf (and even if you do), I need to tell you about it. Becca Opal. It's what Jaclyn Hill dreams are made out of. She basically pioneered this highlighter to greatness, and I'm so thankful she did.

Its shimmery, creamy goodness just blends into the skin flawlessly without error, and is a cult classic that I feel anyone with light-to-tan skin needs in their arsenal of products that just work.

Finally, Estée Lauder Heat Wave is kind of an anomaly. I remember when it first launched as a limited edition highlighter, it was sold out everywhere. I'm pretty sure they re-launch this every summer, and it's gorgeous (yes, it's still in stock!).

*If Heat Wave isn't in stock, here are some dupes:

This is probably one of the wettest-looking highlighters I own. It basically has a gel-to-powder type of feel, if that makes sense. It's a perfect nose highlighter because the pigments in it all blend together to make the perfect mix—it's not too "golden" to where it looks obvious.

I hope you enjoyed this little edit, beautiful. Whether you prefer cream, liquid, or powder highlighters, I hope you savor the end of your summer as the glowy, sweaty, I-just-sat-in-the-heat-for-two-hours, goddess-self you are!



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Glisten: 5 Best Highlighters for Wet-Looking Skin
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