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Hair Care - A Few Tips and Secrets

Keep your hair healthy and shiny

Beautiful and healthy hair always attracts attention and allows a woman to look seductive and irresistible. Elegant hair is not not a gift of nature, but the result of proper and regular hair care at home. Any hair might look dull and lifeless if you do not take care of it or you do it in a wrong way.

To get a good result, you should take care of your hair every day. Using a therapeutic mask from time to time is also highly recommended, otherwise the desired effect won't be achieved.

One of the easiest and important methods to take care is to wash the hair. To choose the right shampoo, visit a dermatologist and ask for advice, because there are so many types of hair.

Last time I bought professional shampoo, there was no big difference from the prices of mass-market shampoos, but of course, the quality of professional shampoo is definitely higher. Recently, I ran out of my shampoo and I had to wash my hair with children's shampoo of a famous brand. I was so surprised that my hair became soft and remained clean longer, and it may be because child shampoos are not that full of chemicals, unlike shampoos for adults.

After shampooing, apply a balm or conditioner to make your hair smooth and well combed. But do not forget to use conditioner properly. Do not apply it to all the hair from the roots; in this case, the hair will look greasy. Hair conditioner or balms are used from the middle of the hair. One of the basic rules of hair care—do not wash hair with extremely hot water, it really messes up your hair and might even lead to hair loss. For washing it, it is better to use slightly warm water and rinse the hair with cool water at the end. This will smooth the inner scales of the hair and give it a healthy shine. To make your hair look more voluminous and lush after washing, you can rinse it with broth from nettles. You can also make a broth of burdock roots.

Another tip for hair care at home is minimizing the traumatic factors. Try to reduce the usage of heated rollers, wave tongs, and hair straighteners. I prefer not to use a hairdryer and let hair to dry in a natural way. This of course requires more time, but the result is worth it to make an effort. If you can't imagine your life without using a hairdryer, then change the hot air to cold; it's less traumatic.

Thermal curlers can be replaced with curl papers. They represent the long strips of soft elastic material with a wire inside. To pin curl the hair with curl papers is simple. I usually lightly spray the hair with water, but not much, otherwise the curls will come back to the initial shape. If you want curls to hold longer, instead of water, you can use foam or mousse. Then, I wind the lock on curl papers, starting from the hair tips. At the roots, a curl paper is fixed through a wire inside. I keep on the head around for about an hour.

If you decide to use a curling iron or hair straightener, firstly rinse your hair with thermal protection spray. This tool protects hair from effects of high temperature without gluing them. Typically such sprays include amino acids, which take care of the hair from the inside out and facilitates combing.

Combs and Hair Accessories

While taking care of hair, it is important to choose the right comb. A comb should not be metal because it can harm the hair itself and the head skin. In addition, a metal comb can electrify the hair a lot. Pick a good hairbrush, wooden or from natural pig bristles. A plastic hairbrush is good too.

Begin combing hair at the tips, gradually climbing higher to the roots. If your hair is tangled, no need to brush them again and again;, the hair will split ends. In such a case, it is necessary to carefully untangle the knots by hand and only then continue combing. One of the secrets of hair care at home is that you must not comb wet hair, because wet hair clings to the comb and greatly stretches. Then, the hair structure is broken, scales exfoliate and hair begins to split.

The choice of hair elastics is important too. Buy wide and soft hair elastics.

Trimming Tips

I trim the tips every three months. After a haircut, the hair looks much better, more alive and healthier.

Protection from harsh climate conditions is also important in hair care. When you're at home or on the street, in windy weather, it is better to collect the hair in a ponytail or pigtail to prevent hair from getting tangled in the wind or friction on clothes. Hide your hair under a hat or hood in winter so it won't spoil in the cold and suffer sudden temperature changes. In the summer it, is advisable to protect hair from the sun. To do this, you can use either a hat or special sunscreens for hair.

Proper Nutrition

Correct nutrition is an essential element in hair care. Healthy nutrition is essential not only for the beauty of hair, but is also the key to youth, vigor and health of the entire organism as a whole. Don't forget to drink enough pure water every day.

If you form all these tips into habits, hair care will not seem so difficult. Choose the right shampoo, use convenient, not traumatic hair elastics and do not forget to regularly treat your hair with nourishing masks. As a result, your hair will thank you for its healthy and shining appearance.

About the Author

Zoe S. is a research writer and blogger from Indiana. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University. Currently, she writes for an essay writing service. She is interested in topics about education, health, writing, fashion etc.

Zoe Walker
Zoe Walker

I started my writing career 6 years ago. Now I`m working as an writer and editor for ambitious project.
Before I started my writing career I got my degree in Creative Writing in Ohio State University. 

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