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Having a Pixie Cut

Long Hair to Short Hair

After seven years of wanting to commit to the chop, I finally got my pixie cut.  I wasn’t going through a mid-college crisis or needing an extreme change—I wanted to be inspired by my hair again.  For years I saw myself as a California girl with super long brown hair, but as a busy college student, I found myself usually throwing it up in a bun or high ponytail; anything easy and out of the way.  I spent probably three months looking at photos on Pinterest, creating albums of potential looks and watching YouTube videos of people getting the haircut.  So, I decided I would carry it out in stages.  First was the initial crop to just above my shoulders as a trial run before going completely Audrey Hepburn.  This baby stage lasted a few months before I was ready to commit to the drastic change.  I showed my three top photos to my trusted hairdresser and surprisingly felt less nervous than I anticipated.  She snipped the first chunk of hair, and all I felt was pure excitement.  When it was complete, I could not wait to show my friends and family.

There is something completely liberating about having a hairstyle that shows your entire face. I found that the result was a new level of self-confidence.  I started really owning my look.  I didn’t have the option of moving a piece of hair in front of my face to socially hide or part it down the middle, swinging it forward to look like a common person in a crowd.  It has almost been a year of having my short pixie cut and after trims, bangs, deciding whether or not I would grow it out, and ultimately sticking with it because it feels the most me, I can confidently say that my pixie is here to say.  While I am not opposed to having long hair again, I feel this cut best reflects who I am and my style, enticing me to keep it.  When it comes to the morning, I have almost as much fun styling it as I do making it look crazy.  I have gotten short bangs and layers, slightly altering my look when I go in for trims, which is extremely fun. Some of my favorite pixie cut icons and photo references include Mia Farrow, Natalie Portman, and Kate Mara.

There are always opinions when you make a change, and these are some of the most memorable ones I’ve received.

5 Things I’ve Heard Since Getting a Pixie Cut

  1. “Wow, most people can’t pull that off. Good for you.”
  2. “Are you trying to be like Emma Watson when she had a pixie?”
  3. “I liked your long hair better.”
  4. “You remind me of Audrey Hepburn”
  5. “Remember you can always grow it back.”

When going between phases and even deciding whether or not to do the initial chop, here are five things I was aware of.

5 Things To Know Before Getting a Pixie Cut

  1. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, trims every 4 to 5 weeks prevent the mullet.
  2. There is a strange growing out period you will want to prepare for (back and bottom of hair trims help during the transition).
  3. Even though it is short, it can still be high maintenance.
  4. Having reference photos and an idea of what you want before getting the cut is essential.
  5. Layers can help break it up, bringing volume and dimension.

This being said, taking a chance and finally getting my pixie cut was an amazing decision. I love it and have found socially there is a short hair community, with the occasional pixie cut acknowledgment nod from other short hair strangers.

If you decide to get a pixie cut, I hope this helps with your decision.

"Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style." -Joan Juliet Buck
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Having a Pixie Cut
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