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How Argan Oil Benefits Your Hair

The Best Hair Oiling Treatment I’ve Ever Used

We’ve all struggled with hair maintenance at some point or another; keeping up with our hair and the many struggles that come along with it can be a pain. One thing that changed my hair forever would have to be argan oil. Ever since I incorporated argan oil into my hair care routine, my hair is on a whole other level of feeling; it’s soft, manageable, silky, and shiny. 

Before I had begun my hair oiling journey my hair suffered from breakage, frizz, brittleness, you name it. Using hot tools on my hair only gave my hair split ends and made it dryer on the days I wouldn’t use them. I began with cutting back on using hot tools and began researching ways to keep my hair natural while still looking silky and beautiful. 

It wasn’t until I came across Nume’s Argan oil that my hair changed forever. I’m not over exaggerating—this stuff is a god sent and it smells amazing too! The first time I tried it I couldn’t believe how soft it left my hair looking. It gave it the appearance like I had just straightened my hair. And I haven’t stopped using it since. Nume’s Argan oil retails for $15 on their website, but if you’re not looking to spend that much on hair oil you can try any other brand. I’ve also tried OGX’s argan oil that retails for $5 and it left me with similar results—the only difference is it doesn’t leave my hair feeling as great for as long period of time as Nume’s. Really any argan oil will do the trick for your hair, as long as you’re keeping your hair hydrated with it. 

When applying, I take a dime sized amount onto the palm of my hand and rub it in my palms to warm it up a bit and then I apply generously to my ends. Avoid applying the oil to your scalp because you don’t want your scalp to look oily. Your ends are the only part of your hair that needs it, and your hair will absorb the oil depending on how dry your hair may be. After applying you can style your hair as usual or let it be natural. The best time to apply it is immediately after washing your hair because you allow the oil to infuse into your hair shafts when your hair is drying. You can also apply the oil whenever you feel your ends are lacking moisture. 

By applying argan oil to your hair regularly you’re ultimately providing your hair with lots of hydration and promoting hair growth as well. Nume’s Argan oil contains vitamin E and botanicals which encourage hair growth. I can say that with my own experience my hair has grown quicker since using it, and my experience with argan oil overall has benefited my hair tremendously. I am no longer in a constant battle of my hair being too dry and unmanageable. By using argan oil in my hair I have also prevented split ends in my hair; split ends will always be a permanent issue for anyone with long hair but you can definitely reduce split ends by oiling your hair, with proper brushing, and by getting regular trims. Which I’m sure many of us are aware of all of the steps to take for healthy hair. However, if you want your hair looking and feeling like a silky dream ASAP then incorporate argan oil into your hair care routine. You’re not only making your hair healthier and shinier, but you’re also making it more manageable for you in the long run. Managing dry, unhealthy hair is tedious, and no one wants to do that. Restore your hair and get the beautiful healthy hair you’ve always dreamed of having. It is possible! Argan oil will bring your hair back to life, and will continue to keep it alive. 

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How Argan Oil Benefits Your Hair
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