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How Caring for My Face and Hair Changed My Life

Find what works for you!

For a long time, I had issues with acne scars and breaking out a lot all the time. My hair was also very damaged and dry. I never really bothered to care for my face and my hair, but eventually I realized that doing so was healthy and life-changing for me. It wasn’t until after high school when I decided to start taking care of my face and my hair. I tried so many products and I think it just made everything worse. I eventually gave up again and decided nothing was going to work.

Just recently I got back into caring for my face and my hair and in just a short amount of time I have seen amazing changes. The trick for me is using the minimum number of products and doing a routine after every shower. Not only do products help but also what you eat and drink, for me it’s mostly what I drink. I used to HATE drinking water, I would drink anything but water.

When you start drinking lots of water it’ll really help keep pimples away and of course keeps you hydrated. It’s such a basic and overused beauty tip but it really does work, just beware you’ll constantly need to pee if you barely ever drank water. When I first started, I had to use the restroom almost every five minutes, it was the worst. If you really don’t like drinking water, try flavored water first, it helps you get into the habit of wanting to drink water because of how sweet it can be. After I started drinking water I hated eating candy or anything sweet for awhile because it was all just way too sweet and sugary for me.

Before I begin on my face routine remember, everyone has different skin types, products work depending on how your skin will handle it. My face gets really oily so, whenever I shower I use black charcoal soap, it dries out my skin after I shower. Then I put on a facial, body, and hair oil therapy. It makes me face really smooth and it helped removed a lot of my acne scars, sometimes I use it on parts of my body that get dry. I use a silicone scrub to rub it all over my face and into my skin.

I have curly hair and it was never a big issue, I had Shirley Temple curls and it was never a problem. One day my mom decided to cut it herself and it came out uneven, so we had to get it professionally done. After that I always struggled with my hair, it always came out frizzy and it just made me feel insecure all the time. I never knew what to do with it, so most of my life it was just a big fuzz ball tied in a pony tail. The only thing I could think of to keep my curls intact was gel. Big mistake, my hair was so hard and rough all the time, even after a shower. I tried so many different things: mouse, gel, curl activators, leave in conditioner, etc.

Another thing that really ruined my hair was dying it and straightening it. It’s all I ever wanted to do, it made me feel more confident about how I looked with my hair. I finally realized it just made my hair more dry and damaged. I looked up everything I could to fix my hair, I would use all the products, face mask, hair routines I found online to try to get my hair back to normal. Nothing worked. Finally, I decided to do it my own way, not very different from most curly hair routines.

I wash it every other day. Every time I wash my hair I make sure to use warm water. I normally don’t use shampoo unless my hair feels oily and dirty. When it does I only shampoo my scalp, I massage it in and make sure that I get every inch of my scalp, front to back. After shampoo, I only condition the ends of my hair and I finger comb it from the ends up. I don’t wash it right away, I put it in a bun and then do the rest of my shower routine. This helps it make my hair a lot softer and smoother when I get out of the shower. When it’s time to wash the conditioner out of my hair, I do it with cold water. I ring out as much water as I can and just put my hair in a bun until I’m ready to style it.

Once I’m ready to style my hair, I use a cotton t-shirt and squeeze out excess water but don’t let it get too dry. I then use African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula leave-in conditioner. I part my hair in two and put in product, then I flip all my hair over to make sure I get the back of hair. Once I get as much product as I want in, I get a little more and scrunch it onto the ends of my hair, that’s the part of my hair that gets the most frizzy. When I’m satisfied with how much product is in my hair, I let it air dry or blow dry it with a diffuser. I use the cool setting first and then use the warm setting. It’s usually still a little moist after so I just let it air dry.

Ever since using these routines for my face and hair, I’ve felt more confident about myself. My face is much smoother, and I don’t get as many pimples as before. My hair isn’t so dry looking and much curlier than before. It takes a lot before you started to realize what type of routine you’ll need for your face and hair to get better. Now that I know what works best for me I do it ALL the time. 

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How Caring for My Face and Hair Changed My Life
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