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How I Cleared My Acne

Skincare Made Simple

Hello to all, I use to suffer from horrible acne until now. I want everyone reading to know that I have oily acne prone skin. I spent a lot of money going to dermatologists & esthetician’s and not seeing the best results. Until recently I figured out what works best for me, and it’s not really the products that work, but how I apply products and so forth. So here I will telling you how I got clearer and healthier skin.

Facial Cleanser

I have sensitive skin, and suffer from mild eczema, so I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, sometimes I use any other gentle cleanser as long as it doesn’t have added fragrance. When washing my face I massage the cleanser for 60 Seconds until the cleanser feels tacky and isn’t a "liquid" anymore. I then use lukewarm water and massage it with the cleanser. This will make the cleanser a liquid again and come off, keep washing until all the cleanser is removed from your face. I’ve noticed that by doing this, it removed dirt more effectively and leaves the skin nice and clean.

PLEASE NOTE: Wash your entire face to remove all the cleanser, if you fail to remove some of the cleanser it can dry out parts of the skin and will take days to heal.

Closing the pores!

This step I discovered by watching different "Get ready with Me" videos of various celebrities. 

After washing my face I grab two ice cubes, and I rub them all over my face. The cold will help wake your cells and firm the face, as well as "closing" the pores. Within two weeks of doing this I saw results, a lot of my clogged pores, blackheads went away. 

Please note: leaving the ice in one spot for too long can burn the skin, which is important to be constantly rubbing it all over your face in a gentle manner.


Toner is very important, it helps remove excess dirt and restore the Ph balance of your skin! After washing your face and rubbing ice onto the skin the Ph balance can be off. 

Depending on your skin type, you may have to do research to find out what Toner is best for you. I would stay away from Toners that contain "alcohol," as those tend to strip the skin.

I’m a huge fan of witch hazel, it’s inexpensive and very affective.


Moisturizing is very important, no mater what skin type you have. Wether it’s Dry, Normal, Oily, you name it. I’ve said previously that I have oily skin, so ironically I use Rose Hip Seed Oil to moisturize, I’ve noticed that adding the oil to my skin kind of tricks my skin from over producing oil, as it does a lot, and now makes it seem as I have "normal" skin. 

Again everyone’s skin is different. If you have Dry skin, I’d recommend something that gives you a lot of moisture. If you have normal skin, I’d say consider yourself lucky because you can try almost any moisturizer and have it suitable for your own skin type.

However I did mention earlier that I have eczema, I have to be really careful on my T-zone since that’s where I suffer. I use Eucerin Moisturizer whenever I feel like my Eczema is returning.

After about a minute, I let the moisturizer sit, and then I go over with some SPF. It’s very important to protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun. Don’t forget SPF.


To maintain and help healthy glowing skin, I recommend to use different facial masks one to two times a week. The brands really don’t make a big difference, however there are different masks for different problems you may have. 

Try a overnight moisturizing mask whenever you feel like your skin is severely dry. Try a clay mask whenever you feel like your skin is congested and has a lot of blackheads, after removing the mask try safely removing your pimples with two cotton swabs with lukewarm water.

There are many different types of masks. Sheet Masks, Clay Masks, Peel-off Masks, Moisturizing Masks, Foaming Masks.

Please note: when using masks read the directions carefully, and don’t have the mask longer than the recommended time.

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How I Cleared My Acne
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