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How I Cured My Acne

How Curology Changed My Life

-this was within about a 2 month span for me, but everyone is different-

I was a freshman in high school and everything was so incredibly new. The school, the students and also... my skin. 

You see, I had fallen victim to what is called, "puberty." Such a natural thing to have occurred, yet probably the worst experience of my life. That's an over exaggeration, see I'm just an angsty teenage girl. 

It started small where on my chin lived a group of maybe five or six microscopic red heathens. I didn't care much at first because back then I didn't know that my looks would ever really matter to me. It remained a natural and stationary and I believed that things would actually remain that way until the day I just woke up with not five, not six zits on my face, BUT ninety-nine to ONE HUNDRED ZITS. That's not a breakout, its a MASSACRE. 

I began to feel super self-conscious about the way I looked. My acne got so bad that makeup wouldn't even cover half and it began to hurt more and more. I would hide my face with my hair in class and not even leave my room to grab dinner from the kitchen. I began to try multiple different kinds of medications "approved by doctors" and "proven to cure acne in just one month." Nothing did any good for my skin. Acne tame pills, pomegranate face washes, and even Proactive (which was by far the worst for my skin EVER). I know everybody is different, I just don't recommend using Proactive, it's completely false.

I was having a hard time maintaining function because I had no outlet to turn to as far as getting a cure. I considered seeing a dermatologist, but my doubts were so incredibly high that anything could fix my problem at this point. That is...until I ran into Curology. 

You have probably seen advertisement for Curology everywhere (especially if you had been frequently researching about curing acne.) Curology is a company that makes a specific regimen for your particular needs. How it begins is you first take a survey about your skin on whether you are struggling with things like dark spots, aging, white heads, black heads, you name it. Afterwords, you take a picture of your skin without makeup. You are then assigned to a dermatologist at the Curology company who walks you through it on your device. You can make a shipment plan for how often they send it and it is all super affordable. I chose the plan where I get a bigger bottle every other month for $40. The website is absolutely adorable too because you can share your journey with the other people using Curology and it's just one huge positive and supportive community. 

The regimen itself is just a simple bottle of lotion. You put it on your face and neck once or twice (to your liking) a day after you wash your face in the shower, sink or wherever. You leave it on and it just works it magic. It doesn't dry your face out and is practically odorless. My skin seriously started getting better within just ONE WEEK. It was insane. The before picture at the beginning of this article was around December 2017 and the after picture was around February 2018. Just two months and all I had left was only a few tiny zits and and some scarring. 

Today I break out in very very minimal amounts (rarely ever) and my skin feels absolutely baby smooth. I felt so good the first time somebody told me that my skin looked like it was glowing. Just the other day at the movies somebody told me I had the smoothest skin they've ever seen and you could imagine how incredibly happy that made me. This article is in no way sponsored I promise, I just had to get this off of my chest since I know what it's like to have acne and feel as though you're not good looking enough or that there is no way things could possibly get better. Just hang on there and know that honestly nobody thinks of you any less attractive now as you would without acne. You are fine the way you are, just sit tight and trust the process! 

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How I Cured My Acne
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