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How to Achieve Born-With-It Beauty

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, the way we perceive beauty is susceptible to the impact of some external factors.

These include all fashion trends, what we see on TV, posters, stores, and runways. Naturally, we all have our own sense of style, but there is a general atmosphere when it comes to beauty standards, and considering these have been quite aggressive in the recent past, “less is more” is coming back as a motto of the beauty industry. It makes sense as all trends tend to interchange over the years. We’ve seen it all, from heavy makeup to fake everything for all sorts of emphasis. Now is the time to rest our eyes–and what looks pleasant is something that is natural, and non-invasive. Let’s see how you can achieve that new “woke up like this” look.

All about the skin.

The natural look is all about looking, and being healthy. The tricky part is the fact that you cannot fake it. Instead, you need to invest long-term into your own health and care, and this is especially important when it comes to your skin. It’s not just about removing your makeup before going to bed, and using some kind of a cleansing tonic or micellar water. Consider getting facial treatments, and using all sorts of products that are good for your skin type particularly. Unfortunately, everyone needs to go through the stage of testing various products, as our skin is more complicated than simply being divided into four types. So, keep learning about yourself, and various products until you find the best match.

Nature’s best.

Contrary to popular belief, new technologies, and a bunch of chemicals don’t really do wonders for us, as they say. Instead, the logic that only natural skin care products can completely appeal to our skin makes much more sense. What is more reasonable than using nature for a natural look? There are products that use a minimal amount of chemicals, or none whatsoever. Not to mention the fact that you can use various oils to strengthen, revitalize, and nurture your skin, and your hair. Once you show your beautiful healthy hair and skin, no makeup could ever do you any better.

Makeup trends.

Regardless of how natural beauty speaks for itself, there are still ways to enhance the effect, and put some emphasis on just the right things. The important thing is to stay moderate. That means use mascara instead of false lashes, and just a bit of eyeliner to point out your eyes. A nude lipstick or something as neutral as possible, and a lipliner in just one tone darker goes a long way. This is an excellent day look for any occasion, and it will leave a much better impression than looking like a clown or a drag queen.


If there’s something you dislike about your hair, or feel like there’s room for improvement, try coconut oil. It’s great for both your hair, and your skin, and using it once a week on your hair will leave amazing results. Your hair will be much healthier, and less damaged. Its volume will rise, and you won’t need to do much with it once it’s well-nurtured. Some people are too sensitive to chemicals, and if that is the case with you too, try to switch to products that are less invasive, and more nature-based.

Once you commit to the cause that healthy means beautiful, and work on yourself for some time, you’ll soon find out how liberating it is to just step out of your apartment without putting any makeup on, or making any adjustments when you casually go out for a walk, or get coffee with friends, but still look positively radiant. When you develop all the right habits, and discover which products are compatible with you, you’ll be free from pain and self-consciousness, and your confidence will rise rapidly.  

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How to Achieve Born-With-It Beauty
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