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How to Get Flawless Makeup Coverage

Seven tricks you must know in order to get full HD coverage with makeup.


One of the best and worst things about applying makeup is the makeup itself. 

Confused? Well, don’t be. 

When you apply makeup correctly, it covers all the fine lines on your skin. However, when you don’t do it well, it highlights all your ugly spots and even creates some age lines, which were not present in the first place. So, you should always pay proper attention when you are applying makeup. 

Now how can you do that? Here are some pointers.

Prep, Prep & Prep

No matter how much you love foundation and primers, prepping your skin for that natural glow has no alternatives. And that doesn’t mean that you apply foundation and primer just before going out for an event. That means you cleanse your skin every day and use moisturizer to make it look normal.

Match your shades.

One of the mistakes that every newbie makeup artists do is create a shade mismatch. If you have a wheatish complexion, there is no need to look pale. You can apply a shade of bronze in your foundation and make yourself glow.

Makeup enhances your beauty, and it doesn’t change your skin tone or shade. Moreover, when you have a wheatish skin tone, you can always use pastel shades for highlighting your eyes and lips, instead of using garish or deep shades of red, violet or brown.

Try airbrush makeup techniques.

Airbrushing is a technique in which you apply minimal makeup to get a flawless look. In this technique, the makeup is sprayed on the skin instead of using standard methods like fingers, sponge, and brushes for application. One of the benefits of this technique is that it meshes with your skin, making sure that all the pores and marks are covered.

Give time for setting.

Even if you are using the airbrush method for applying makeup, you can always use some time to making sure that the makeup is set. However, don’t use face powder after you apply the foundation. Not only will it make it redundant, but also you will find that there are fine lines in your face because of the use of powder.

If you are trying to cover a zit, try applying some concealer before you dab in the foundation. Foundations are useful when you are trying to cover dark circles or marks, but are ineffective for zits and pimples.

You can also take some moisturizer, rub it in your palm and press that softly on your cheeks to make sure you don’t lose out on moisturizer. This will also help you to provide a wet look to your face without rubbing off your hard work.

Other than that, you can also apply translucent setting powder. Using a thin film of the setting powder also does the trick. However, make sure that you brush off the excess after your makeup is set, or else it would look weird on your face.

Add a natural glow.

Contrary to popular belief, you need to make sure that you apply the highlighter correctly. Otherwise, it will look as if you are sweating, and bloat the other parts of the makeup.

For starters, you can apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose and a bit on the cheeks. If you want to make the jawline stand out, you can also use it sparingly. Try not highlighting other areas, because the point is to make certain features of your face stand out and provide you with the natural glow.

Contouring Is Must

While applying to contour, less is always more. So, you can use a liquid bronzer and have a sculpted effect on your face. However, if you apply the contour technique in the wrong way, you’d look like the ‘Evil Queen’ from Frozen.

Choose correct tools.

When you are applying makeup, the tools you use play a key role. Sometimes, you can blend the bronzer or foundation easily with your fingers. At other times, you would need a brush or a sponge to mix in the makeup.

You can also try using cardboard for making sure that your eyeliner follows a proper line and is not smudged. So, while applying makeup, make sure you use whatever you need. Additionally, knowing your requirements beforehand can help you do the perfect makeup.

Wrapping It Up

Applying flawless makeup requires some serious skills. You cannot master that in a single day. However, what you can do is try some of the techniques mentioned above and see for yourself how good it is for you. You can also try some of your ideas and see how effective they are. Let us know about your techniques in the comment.

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How to Get Flawless Makeup Coverage
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