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How to Grow Healthier Curls FASTER

Everyone wants to know how to speed up the growth process.

Anyone with naturally curly hair knows the struggles of meeting their hair goals. We jump from product to product trying to achieve that luxurious bra strap length. I became so addicted to the thought of long curly hair that I began to buy just about every growth oil Walmart sold. Yes, by the end of it, I did end up seeing results of course but I’ll be the first to tell you, it doesn’t matter what products you use if you're not being consistent. The health of our hair solely depends on how well we take care of it. 

Protective Styles

I absolutely love protective styles y’all. When it comes to growing your hair to the length you desire, a protective style will definitely speed up the process. You could rock any style, from styling your natural hair to wearing a weave. Me personally, I haven’t had a weave in a while so I typically cornrow my natural hair to the back. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love wearing weaves. There are so many choices, from sew-ins to frontals. There’s also faux locks, box braids, micro braids, and etc... 

Deep Conditioning

Listen, sis. Deep conditioning is one of those things that can really make or break your curls. I would recommend all my ladies with naturally curly hair to deep condition at least 1x a week. You should not deep condition your hair more than 2x a week. What deep conditioning is gonna do is help prevent breakage and damage. It also helps with your hair's elasticity (bounciness) while bringing the natural shine back into your hair. Not to mention, if you have color treated hair, it really helps to strengthen the chemically processed hair. 

Greasing Your Scalp

Greasing your scalp at least 2x a week is very much necessary. It helps to maintain a healthy scalp that promotes growth. You don’t necessarily have to apply the grease directly to the scalp as long as you are greasing your hair. Also, like I said in the beginning... everyone wants that long curly hair. With that being said, grease does help you to retain length. You can also keep your ends greased to keep them moisturized and protected. 

L O C Method

This method is what I use to style my wash and go’s. To break it down for you, the order is Leave In, Oil, Creme. This method helps to LOCK IN moisture for those drier months. 

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How to Grow Healthier Curls FASTER
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