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Indie Brand Domination!

Indie Brand Takeover

Some of the indie brands taking over! 

Through the years there has been the same brands taking over the market of beauty supplying consumers with the tools needed for good skin ,hair and makeup.

The beauty market is speaking out and declaring that co-creators will be the future of the beauty industry.

As I have gotten older I have noticed that indie brands have slowly started to pop up and give these well known brands a run for their money with unique names and packaging as well as personalised formulas and ingredients!

Just a few decades ago the range of brands out there was limited to what you could find in department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. While the music and fashion scenes both boasted a healthy indie culture, there just wasn't a way for upcoming beauty brands to get noticed.

Then, eBay happened. E-commerce happened. And most recently, social media. Brands no longer have to pay exorbitant amounts to be stocked at eye level on supermarket shelves in well known stores such as Sephora, house of Fraser, Debenhams, etc.

I believe many consumers are rejoicing to have different brands to choose from that are reasonably priced and actually work! 

It is really nice to see the creators of brands such as:


Makeup Geek

Jeffree Star

Juvias Place

Kat Von D

Drunk elephant

Coloured Raine


Kylie cosmetics

KKW cosmetics


Bath bake love

And many more! 

These companies have the chance to be recognised...

These companies have the chance to be recognised for their products in terms of how they work and the quality and not just for their name which is can so commonly be the case due to Influencers on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. I do understand that companies need to send out products they can be spoken about and this helps with their sales but I just wish the Influencers could be honest when they review and not lie because they are being paid a fee.

Now I know social media is the key to getting the brand out there and I truly love what the brand Glossier did which is use social media such as Instagram to get their brand out there. Another factor they used was encouraging their customers to engage and share their thoughts and experiences when they use the products.

It is also refreshing to see said creators discuss their thoughts and inspirations behind creating their products and formulas, etc. Most of their products being vegan and cruelty free.

And it's that full control that both the creators enjoy about an indie brand, as well as their customers. They set the agenda— determining what new product launch, why, and how often— instead of having to meet the demands and targets set by the bosses of big business. The result is truly individual brands and products instead of cookie cutter offerings of the same stuff which to me is amazing!

The different brand development in each company is so interesting to watch and learn about as they each have a different vision of what they want their products and brand to be about.

This is purely my opinion and I would love to hear yours on the matter!

Writing this post has really given me the motivation and drive to one day have my own brand and make it my baby just like the many founders of brands have.

I do realise of course some indie brands have had backlash from numerous accounts on social media platforms with controversy over the quality of a product or the actions a creator chooses to put out in the public eye.

I say to each their own and that you yourself decide to what you think and have your own thoughts and experiences rather than being influenced or swayed by what another person says.

Are you rejoicing for these indie brands too or do you prefer going to the same brands you know and have loved for many years? 

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Indie Brand Domination!
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