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Ipsy February Glam Bag Review

My Ipsy Glam Bag Review

For those who don't know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription that personalizes a bag of makeup and beauty products for you every month. They allow you to make a profile where you can tell them about yourself, from your skin to eye color to what kind of products you like receiving the most. They personalize the bag for you and send you five trial-size products for you based on your profile. I would like to go over my bag from this month to give people a feel for the products I was sent, so you don't have to get a bag yourself.

Fierce and Fine Graphic Pen in Black by Doucce

I love a good black eyeliner, so I'm always looking for new ones to try out. This one is honestly pretty high up on my list of favorites now. They aren't lying when they say "fine" on the packaging because the tip on this gives you an extremely fine and precise line, which makes it very easy to use and gives you the perfect winged liner every time. The color is also nice, it's a nice saturated black that, once dry, is smudge-proof and only came off after I washed my face off at the end of the night. If I had to give one complaint about this eyeliner it would be that the tip is a little stiff at the end. So, when you get to your inner corner, it can feel a little uncomfortable. Other than that, I think it's a great eyeliner.

Powder Brush 50F by F.A.R.A.H Brushes

I get brushes pretty regularly from Ipsy. I'd say I get one from them almost every other month, and most of my brush collection is from them. This is my first time getting a F.A.R.A.H brush from them though; I'd have to say, I'm glad I got it. It's perfect for powdering your face and making sure everything stays set in place. The brush is nicely packed and super soft. It's also a very pretty brush, and weighty enough to feel sturdy. It's a very nice brush, and something I would recommend to anyone looking for some new brushes.

Be Bright Illuminating Concealer in Light by Kokie Cosmetics

As someone who has oily skin, especially in places where you typically conceal this, concealer didn't really work for me. The shade match was nice, and it brightened my under-eyes nicely but it really is an illuminating formula. After wearing it for a little while, my face felt more oily than usual, and it didn't make my skin look great. However, I think this concealer would look nice on someone who has drier skin and would help your skin look more illuminated and healthy. It's a nice concealer, but it's just not a product for me.

Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breakage Mask by Marc Anthony True Professional

As someone with long and damaged hair from a lot of heat damage and dyeing, I enjoy getting hair products in my bags. I am always looking for something new to make my hair feel smoother and more healthy. This product did just that it made my hair feel smoother and healthier after only one use of it. The scent was nice and it didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy, which can be a problem for me with some products. My only complaint is that the bottle only held enough for me to use it twice, but I'm sure someone with less hair could get more out of it. It's a product I will definitely be repurchasing.

It's A-Pout Time in Better Call Salmon by Sugar Cosmetics

This lipstick definitely isn't my favorite. I enjoy the color of it. Although, it did take a little while to actually get the pigment on my lips. The tip was nice and sharp and made it easy to get a precise line with it, but it required a lot of effort to put on. The lipstick actually broke on me the first time I used it. So, I would say if you ever buy one, you should be careful with them. The product claims to be a matte formula, but it is more of a semi-matte. It is not transfer proof and wears off kind of quickly, but the formula is comfortable and not drying. I would definitely prefer it if it were a liquid lipstick and was a more matte formula.

All in all, I think this was a pretty good bag. The eyeliner, brush, and hair mask are products that I really love and will be keeping in my beauty routine, so I definitely think that this bag was worth the $10.66 it cost me every month. It also makes me excited for March's bag, and I can't wait to review that here once that happens.