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Kat Von D Cosmetics Mini Review

Shade and Light Contour Palette

Kat Von D Cosmetics

Every makeup fanatic loves a little contour, am I right? I sure know I do. That's why for my first post I am doing a mini review on the Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette. 

I have been wanting to give this product a test run since it featured in just about every beauty guru's video across YouTube. After finally hauling myself to Sephora, I decided to take the leap and purchase it — along with the Tattoo Liner from her cosmetics line. And what a happy purchase it was. 

Out of all the contouring products I have gotten my hands on over the years, this product by far outweighs the rest, in terms of pigmentation, formula, and wear.

Due to having quite a pale complexion, I struggled to find a contouring shade that didn't look 10x too dark for my skin, even in its lightest shade. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, having a product that would blend into nothing and make me wonder why I had wasted my money.

With this product, I use the shade "Sombre," and it's the perfect colour on my skin tone. The first application made my heart full of joy because I finally had something that didn't make me look like I'd smeared mud all over my cheeks. If I'm feeling a little adventurous, I will mix it with the shade "Shadowplay" and I will get a warmer colour on my cheekbones. 

In my case, the formula is fantastic. Having purchased the pressed powder version of the palette, I can safely say there is little to no fallout when you apply the brush to the product. In saying that, the perfect amount comes off on to the brush when applying it to the face without it being overwhelming. It blends wonderfully and you don't lose a lot of the colouration upon application, which is an A+ in my books. 

The amount of wear I get out of a product is the deciding factor on whether it will make it back into my makeup bag. This product has definitely made the cut. Having oily skin, sometimes I find that products oxidise on my skin fast and move/slide during the day. The Shade and Light palette has proved to have the best results. I won't say it doesn't oxidise, but it's barely noticeable, and this product doesn't move or come off during the day. 

To address not mentioning the highlighting shades in this palette, I haven't actually used them just yet. This only because I'm more of a glittery highlight kind of girl. Again, who doesn't like a blinding glow?...

In hindsight, I want to congratulate Kat Von D on producing such an amazing product in her cosmetics line. I couldn't be more grateful for adding it to my collection of products I use on a daily basis. Honestly worth the $65 I have spent! 

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Kat Von D Cosmetics Mini Review
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