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Knowing Our Company

Who We Are, What We Do, & What Sets Us Apart from Everyone Else

Monat is a premium haircare line that is 100 percent vegan, cruelty free, toxin free, and naturally based. What sets our products apart from every other in the industry is simple—it is our science. Monat is the only haircare company that produces products which penetrate all three layers of each hair strand, nourishing from the inside out. Our products will detox your locks to help thicken and add shine to your strands, while additionally helping to stimulate hair follicles to promote growth and volume.

We have a variety of systems that help people of all hair types and with different concerns. Want more volume? Thicker hair? Quicker growth? Anti aging? Regrow hair in bald spots? All of our products target your concerns to not only give you your healthiest hair ever, but the hair you need to feel your best. 

Here’s the takeaway:

Leading the National Healthy Hair Movement 

Below is a breakdown of the science behind our products, science no other haircare company uses. You’ll also see a breakdown of what you get for your money when you buy other hair products compared to ours. 

Price Breakdown of Our Products:

And the Products You Buy at the Store:

When thinking, "are these products worth the money?" consider the price breakdown above and see what will not only save you cash in the long run, but what our products have to offer vs generic ones.

The Science to How Our Products Work:

Our skin absorbs 64 PERCENT of what we put on it, and our hair is a direct reflection of what we put on our scalp and what we feed our hair. The same way eating healthy foods makes for healthy organs and healthy bodies, using nontoxic products makes for healthy hair. 

While it may seem this market is just for women, we also carry a men’s line and a junior's (children) line. However, men and women can use the same shampoos and conditioners to experience similar results. Also great for customers of all ages is the detangling spray from the junior line! 

Feel skeptical if our products truly work and are worth the money you will spend? Below are hair transformations from numerous happy customers who have started their healthy hair movement and never looked back. 


Using Our Black System

Junior Line - Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangling Spray 

Achieved Thickness and Regrowth of Hair 

Using Our Junior Line 

There are three ways to shop with our company: you can shop retail, pay regular price and shipping costs. You can sign up to be a VIP, meaning that you make a qualifying purchase of $84 or more and pay a one time sign up fee of $20. This gets you a lifetime discount of 15 percent off every product you purchase, a free product of your choice on every order of $84 or more, a birthday gift each year, and exclusive access to flash sales. Lastly, you can shop as a market partner. Becoming a market partner costs $99 to $299. The $99 sign up comes with a sample pack and information booklets about the company and our products. If you choose to sell the product, you will have to make three sales before activating your partnership and make commission. The $299 pack comes with five full size products, and a retail value of over $350. You also receive a sample pack and information booklets, but can start to earn commission right away. Either way, market partners get 30 percent off all products and access to exclusive products and flash sales, while also being able to earn free products and weekly paychecks should you choose to sell (although there is no obligation to).

You can shop independently or with your favorite market partner. Buying through a market partner is beneficial especially if you are unsure which products would be best for you and if you have a difficult time understanding what your hair needs. You can also locate the hair quiz on any market partner's website to help in your decision of which products would be most beneficial to you. 

You can shop using the link below:

Anne Reboa - Monat

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Knowing Our Company
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