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Let's Get Naked

Laura Lee Los Angeles 'Nudie Patootie' Review

Cost: $45
Shipping (domestic): $6.50
Putting the wrong zip code by accident and finding out it was almost sent back: Heart attack.

Laura Lee Los Angeles released the newest product in the line April 24th at two PM PST. Nudie Patootie is a 14 shade nude palette. There is a mirror the length of the product. 

It is heavy. It is luxurious. It is gorgeous. It feels and looks high end. 

Say what you will about Laura Lee but her makeup line is wonderful. Cat's Pajamas was personal and a connection between her quirky, fun mannerisms and her fans. Nudie Patootie is a splash of Laura's personality with a lot of her video style. 

I am a huge fan of Laura Lee. I have been for a really long time, even before I was into makeup. She's never been afraid to be herself and I think that makes her even more beautiful. 

That being said, I will leave my love Laura Lee right here (for now) and review the product honestly. 

Top Row

I was kind of nervous about these colors. I do not normally go for yellow and orange tones for my eye looks because I don't want it to look like I am in the last stages of a bruised eye socket. That was before I knew how to blend and create eye looks too. 

Bare, Strip, Streaking, and Undressed are matte shades. They are soft and creamy and easy to blend. Undressed and Strip feel a bit chalky to the touch but they are a dream combination for transition shades.

Uncover, Topless, and Stark are shimmer shades. They are like butter and soft to the touch.

Laura said in her release video that Stark was in response to people with her first palette that a bone shimmer shade was needed. It's an amazing brow bone highlighter. I will probably rock it as a nose and cupid's bow highlight. 

Topless is probably going to be the first one in this palette that's going to disappear. I will definitely cry the day she's gone (don't judge).

Bottom Row

To say I'm in love with these colors would be an understatement. Once I learned how to create a smokey look, I cannot have a palette or a look without a few dark shades. 

Nakey Nakey, Butt Naked, and Reveal are matte shades. Nakey Nakey feels a little dry but that is common with dark shades. It's still highly pigmented and a lovely cool, chocolate brown. 

Buff and Exposed are shimmer shades. They are creamy and colorful. I had a little trouble with Buff. I'm not sure if it's the way that the shadow is packed in. I had to swirl my brush around a bit to loosen it up and get product. That is the only shade I had an issue with. Note that I had a similar issue with Quirky in Cat's Pajamas. 

Jaybird and Au Naturale are are foil shades. They have a strange texture because of it—they feel creamy and dry at the same time. I am still getting familiar with the makeup game, but I'm assuming because of the foil that it is like this. The website and insert in the packaging say to use these shades with a wet brush, your finger, and/or a glitter glue to get the most out of the colors. 

Creating the Looks:

I was so excited to dip into this palette. I did separate looks on each eye. I did a touch of concealer under my eyes. 

On both eyes: I primed my eyes with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and softened with Undressed. Eyeliner is That's The Point by NYX. Mascara is Better Than Sex by Too Faced.

Left eye

Left eye

  1. Transition shade: Reveal
  2. Crease: Butt Naked
  3. Outer Corner: Buff
  4. Cut-Crease: Topless
  5. Inner Corner: Stark + Exposed
  6. Lower Lash Line: Butt Naked and Buff
  1. Transition shade: Streaking
  2. Crease: Strip + Bare
  3. Outer Corner: Nakey Nakey
  4. Cut-Crease: AU Natural (used Make It Dewey setting spray by Milani to wet the brush)
  5. Inner Corner: Uncover
  6. Lower Lash Line: Streaking + Strip + Nakey Nakey

Final Thoughts:

My love for Laura is coming back now. I was absolutely in love with this palette. I've seen a lot of reviews saying that there are a lot of similarities and dupes with other nude palettes out there at more affordable prices, but there isn't the same amount of love in them. 

There is a lot of love in this palette. 

I was so inspired by Cat's Pajamas—here is a southern woman who says "ole" instead of oil, "con-sill-er" instead of concealer, and other little southern-isms that remind us all where she came from. She's herself and doesn't let the insecurities and cut-throat beauty industry bring her down. She keeps moving forward and making something of herself. 

People will always trash talk Laura, but I am amazed at what she's doing. I think that $45 is worth the price for 14 large pans, the huge mirror, and luxurious packaging. But the $45 is worth so much more knowing that it's supporting a young female entrepreneur trying to make a name for herself doing what she loves. 

I personally don't know how I'd feel about makeup if it were for people like Laura Lee who helped cultivate a confidence and love in myself, in my beauty (inside and out), in my own weird quirks, and in my ability to build myself up to be whatever I want to be. This palette may be just another nude palette to the world. 

This palette is beacon of empowerment to me. 

Thank you, Laura Lee.

You can buy Nudie Patootie, and other products, at

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