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Love the Skin You're In

Using Natural Products to Give Your Skin Back Its Natural Glow

Loving my skin!

We've all heard it at least once in our lives: "Love the skin you're in." Today, I'm going to break that phrase down to you and explain how and what that truly means.

First let's start with loving our skin. We're only born with one and it is the largest organ on the body. It takes a lot of abuse out of us yet still protects us faithfully. Shouldn't we do the same for it? Without it we would be exposed to any and all types of dangers and or illnesses. The most important care besides cleaning it is keeping it moisturized. "That's easy" you say? True, if you are using the right products.

There are all sorts of lotions, oils, and butters for the body nowadays. Finding products is not an issue. The issue is finding the RIGHT product. A lot of lotions smell great and even feel good going on, but can be toxic or cause more harm than good in the end. A lot of these products contain harmful chemicals that have a longterm effect on your skin. Some contain alcohol, which sets the skin out, which causes a need to put more on, which then does the same effect, meaning you will have to constantly apply all day long just to try and stay moisturized. But that's a marketing scene to keep you buying the product. The fact of the matter is, wasting money on expensive products won't change the effects of your skin.

We actually have products right in our homes most of the times that will work just as good if not better than these big name products and for less money. For instance, did you know that raw coconut oil serves not only as a cooking agent but is an excellent product for natural hygiene? Applying coconut oil to the skin daily will help give it a natural glow; it also protects from harmful UV rays from the sun. Coconut oil can also be applied to the hair and scalp to help control split ends or dandruff. Another great natural moisturizer is extra virgin olive oil. It also gives a natural glow to the skin and you can add essential oils to either of these oils to give a pleasant scent or to help with other conditions. For example, lavender oil can be added to either of these base oils to give a fresh scent or to treat conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Lavender is also known for its calming effects as well as soothing headaches. Tea tree, orange, or lemon can be added for irritations such as acne or blackheads.

Another resourceful product is raw cocoa butter or even raw shea butter. These too can be added to for a customized scent or for different skin needs. All of these products can also be made into soaps as well. The cost of these products are about a third of what you spend buying expensive products such as Victoria's Secret or B&B without the harmful effects.

Keeping your skin moisturized is important. Have you ever seen or felt leather after it have dried completely out? It's cracked and peeling. Same goes for our skin; if not moisturized it begins to crack and peel making it easier to absorb bacteria, viruses, and germs that can be detrimental to our health. It's not just a beauty issue, it affects our overall health. After all, our skin is the largest organ on our body. If we don't protect it, it won't protect us either. Love the skin you're in.

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Love the Skin You're In
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