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LUSH Full of Grace Product Review

Lush's Naked Little Serum

When I first went to LUSH looking for something for my chronically dry, red skin. I was given several recommendations. The Aqua Marina cleanser, Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Greased Lightening spot treatment, Imperialis moisturizer, but the most amazing product was the Full of Grace serum. This is a small light pink oval. The smell is fresh and a bit earthy. It’s a naked product so it is sold without packaging and is simply a solid bar that you swipe on your face. It provides an amazing extra bit of moisture and I find it very calming to my skin as well. Its marketed as a serum to help maintain elasticity, moisture, and glow. It is simply a wonderful addition to hydrating my face and helping me look my best.

Full of Grace is made of tropical butters, chamomile, and mushroom extracts. You simply glide the bar over your face and then rub in. When I first purchased the product, I was concerned about using the bar whole as I thought it might melt too much on my hand or in the summer heat and would slice it into smaller bars and keep the majority in the fridge. But I have just been using this one whole and haven’t noticed any product waste on my fingers. It’s currently winter and quite cold but I will try seeing if it melts in the summer due to having surprisingly positive results with one of the LUSH massage bars remaining whole in the dead of summer.

I keep mine in a small dish open in the medicine cabinet. Although I adore the naked products from LUSH, I find it a bit of a challenge to store them because there is no packaging and I don’t just want them lying around picking up dust and whatnot. As I get more naked products, I am constantly improving on my storage selections. But I do feel that the naked products tend to last a significant amount of time. As there haven’t been too many direct counterparts it’s hard to determine if they last longer than their potted friends but I feel that they do especially with the naked shower gels. I get several months of use out of Full of Grace and feel that it justifies the additional step for the $16.95 price tag.

I use this product underneath my moisturizer after spraying with Breath of Fresh Air toner and applying Greased Lightening spot treatment. Right now, I am using Skin Drink for moisturizer and it is one of LUSH’s richest moisturizers and I feel that the two together doesn’t feel like too much for my face. In the summer I tend to use a lighter moisturizer but still feel that at nighttime I need the additional moisture and benefits from the Full of Grace bar. Another awesome use for Full of Grace is to apply it after cleansing your face but before applying a face mask to help seal in a little moisture and it seems to help the mask work better as well.

I constantly try and cut this little bar out of my routine as going full LUSH is quite expensive and it seems to be a product that does double duty and isn’t necessary but every time, I decide to purchase it again my skin just looks younger, fresher, and so much happier. I also feel that I get less acne when I use Full of Grace. It just adds that something special to the skin. Although at 34 I hate to admit that I’m starting to get old I feel that it helps to “fill in fine lines and wrinkles,” as the saying goes.

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LUSH Full of Grace Product Review
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