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Make Your Eyes Pop with These Brilliant Tips!

Eye makeup tips to try

Let's face it—if your eye make up is off, it throws off your whole look. But who has time for a perfect eye routine? Check out these brilliant tips that bring your eyes the attention you deserve.

Build a Foundation

Whether you like to be more natural or won't walk out the door without at least one dazzling shade, the first step in your eye make up routine should be the application of a primer. According to make up artist Emily Oliver eyeshadow primer comes in either a cream or liquid form and provides a base that helps both eyeliner and eyeshadow stay longer by absorbing the natural oils produced by your skin. By providing a neutral tone to the eyelid, it also helps colors stand out. Without primer, your natural oils bleed through, making defined creases in your shadow.

To apply primer, put a small amount on your fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush and quickly tap it onto the entirety of the eyelid. Don't be concerned if the primer seems to disappear quickly; its purpose is to sink into the skin immediately to block oils. Extend your coverage the entire way through the brows to ensure that any eyebrow pomade or pencil will have the same lasting coverage. If liner will be used on the lower lid, apply there, too. To set the primer, it is recommended to dust it with a light layer of setting powder.

No primer in your makeup arsenal? Not a problem! In a pinch, foundation or concealer can be used as primer, but they will not absorb oil as well.

Blend, Baby, Blend

Blending is the key to a seamless eye shadow look. The foundation to flawless blending is the purchase of a blending brush. From there, start by patting the shadow over the eyelid, then using the brush in a back and forth motion that mimics a windshield wiper; this creates an even base color on top of the primer.

To mimic an eye lift, blend the eyeshadow out and up, always toward the eyebrow's tail. This blending style gives the eye a cat eye look, without applying winged eyeliner. Blending in a downward motion is never a good idea, as it can leave the eyes looking tired.

Blending and can't find that perfect medium between colors? Experiment a little with your brush. Mix the two colors you're blending on your brush to create the perfect middle ground, then apply it to your lid.

Go the Extra Mile with Liquid Eyeliner

Nothing beats the coverage or longevity of a quality liquid eyeliner, but even the pros recognize that it can be a pain to apply. Style Craze suggests starting in the middle of the eyelid and working your way out toward the outer corner of the eye, then doubling back and lining from the middle to the inner crease. Make sure to be using the liner as close to the lashes as possible, and once the eye is lined evenly, add a small wing on the outer edge. Place the wing where the lower lashes would run if they extended upward. Finish the look by getting lash extensions. Make sure your lash technician is using the right kind of glue for lash extensions to help them last longer.

Everyone has their off days when it comes to make up. If your eye make up is consistently falling flat, incorporate these three tips into your routine. It will give your eyes the boost they deserve without taking time from your already busy schedule.

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Make Your Eyes Pop with These Brilliant Tips!
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