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Makeup 101

A Guide to an Everyday Makeup Look

Step 1.

Make sure you wash your face and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 2.

Start off with a primer (any brand is OK). Personally, a pote filler one works best for me. 

Step 3.

Start drawing on your eyebrows. (1. draw a line underneath the brow 2. Draw a line on top of the brow 3. Fill in the brow and make sure to not apply as much product at the beginning, as you want it to look a little faded and not a block.)

You can use any type of brow pomade or brow pencil. Walmart has some that are almost exact to high-end ones.

Step 4.

With a concealer and small brush, clean up the brows and blend it in, girl!

Step 5.

Apply your foundation! If you apply it with a beauty blender, make sure it’s damp; if you’re using a brush just go ahead. Also, make sure to blend down to your neck & ears! Carefully with your beauty blender/brush, go along the brow area so there are no harsh lines.

Step 6.

With your concealer, you’re going to highlight the under eyes, nose bridge, forehead, & chin! And make sure to blend, blend, blend!!

Step 7.

After blending the concealer, you’re going to have to hurry and apply some loose powder. We don’t want creasing, so apply the powder as soon as your done with the concealer! You can also apply it with your beauty blender! Apply this where ever you put concealer. My favorite powder is airspun in translucent! And that is called baking. While that sits, let’s move on.

Step 8.

Contouring! With a fluffy brush and a brown shadow, you’ll contour your cheekbones. If you make a fish face, you can see your cheekbones and will apply it where the hollow of your cheek is. Make sure to blend upward! Also, if you’re like me and have a 5-head, go ahead and add some contour to your hairline. This will give the appearance of a smaller forehead.

Step 9.

With a big fluffy brush, wipe away all the excess powder from the baking we did. And spray your face with a setting spray; this will make your makeup last throughout the day and will also give your highlighter a better glow! 

Step 10. 

Grab your favorite highlighter and a small fluffy brush. Spray your brush with either some setting spray or water and apply some highlight to the brush and apply it above your contoured cheek. Also with a smaller brush, you can apply the highlight to your inner eye and eyebrow bone!

Step 11. 

If you want to do a glam eyeshadow session, go ahead! I’ll keep it simple for now. Grab a pair of eyelash curlers and curl your lashes, girl! After that apply some mascara. Once it dries, grab your favorite pair of false lashes, add some glue, and pop those suckers on. Then lastly apply some mascara to your bottom lashes!

Step 12.

If you want to do a dramatic lip, go ahead, girl! For now, let’s do a gloss. If your lips are chapped, exfoliate them! If not, add some lip balm and then your gloss!

Step 13.

Spray your face again with some setting spray & you will be looking flawless all day!