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Makeup Review and Wish List!

'Makeup is art. Beauty is spiritual.'

I have been wearing makeup for about nine years now and have tried many different products over the years. When I used to wear it in year seven, I was like every girl in my year—wearing bright orange foundation which stopped in a harsh line around my chin. I also used the three eyeshadow in a pack that had a white, grey, and black, and just unevenly spread it around my eyes which no technique. Over the years, I would like to think my makeup style has gotten better, but I know for sure I can tell the difference between a good product and a bad. So I am going to tell you my favourites, my dislikes, and my wish list for 2018.

Foundation—I Love

  1. Nyx Control Drop Foundation- My current everyday foundation. Gives you what you want from sheer to full coverage. This foundation is amazing for all skin types and it doesn't need an excess of powder to last.
  2. L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation-  Every time I run out of this foundation, I repurchase it as soon as possible. It is my all-time favourite, and a staple in my makeup kit. It is so silky on the skin and feels like you aren't wearing anything, and it is the best for all skin types. Would recommend not reapplying powder over it during the day as it can cause a bunch up.
  3. Le Teint Ultra Tenue Ultrawear Flawless Foundation- This foundation is my going out foundation. It looks great in photos, it doesn't get too oily, and it is super light weight. It isn't the best for dry skin and isn't full coverage.
  4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation- This foundation is one of the first I ever used and is one I continue to purchase. It is good for new makeup users as it is easy to work with and is very forgiving. It doesn't work well with super oily skin as it glides slightly off the nose and the chin. 

Foundation—I Hate

  1. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation- This foundation is the worst I've ever used. It clumps up into patches on your skin, it does not apply evenly, it oxidises badly, leaving every colour with an orange glow after an hour; it also does not offer a variety of colours. For someone like me who is super pale, the lightest colour is ivory, but you have to have a slight tan to even work with it. The darkest shade is not dark at all. It also has an awful smell to it, which put me off greatly.
  2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- This isn't the worst foundation I've ever used, but it isn't great. Firstly, again with the colours, they are completely off. The lightest shade was a match for about an hour before it darkened into a light brown/orange colour. It was too oily for my skin, even though I have normal to dry skin, and made me look super greasy. It most definitely wouldn't work for oily skin, although it is super light weight.
  3. Maybelline Matte Mousse- This foundation I felt was very impractical; it was hard for me to get out of the container, it didn't glide smoothly onto the skin, and then it would slide off the face within an hour. It's lightest colour was very dark on me.

Foundation—I Want to Try

  1. Iconic London Foundation Sticks- I have such a desire to try these as I have seen so many reviews raving about them. They are at the top of my to buy list.
  2. Huda Beauty Foundation- After its release last year and the internet going crazy about how amazing it is, I think I need to give it a try; however, it's not something I'm overly excited to buy because of its price tag. However, if it blows me out of the water, I won't be mad at it.
  3. Ordinary Foundation- This foundation had mostly fantastic reviews, which is making me so excited to try it as it is so affordable and the packaging is super adorable.
  4. Cover Fx Custom Cover Drop Foundation- I love the NYX drop foundation, so I want to try this foundation to see if it is similar. I prefer a watery texture as I find it easier to work with the skin, and I have seen this is the texture of this foundation. 
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Makeup Review and Wish List!
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