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Makeup Tips for Redness/Red Spots

Ever feel like the only one with red spots and a blushed face? Well, you're not. In fact, 95 percent of people will suffer from acne at some point in their life! But this doesn't help; you want a solution, not a statistic, so read below...

I have grown up with extremely red cheeks and struggled to find a solution or even tips on how to live with it. I've gathered up knowledge by experimenting with lots of trial and error and thought it was about time to pass on my knowledge!

1) Wash your face daily with an anti-spot face wash.

Personally, I use Simple: Spotless Skin Triple Action facewash (£5.65-Amazon) which contains Zinc PCA which absorbs excess oil, witch hazel which tones and helps tighten pores, and chamomile, which acts as an anti-irritant. However, the Zinc PCA tends to dry out the skin, especially sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, use it every other day or alternate between two face washes.

2) Moisturise every night and morning.

Every morning I use Simple: Spotless Skin Anti-blemish Moisturiser (£3.00-Amazon). This also includes Zinc PCA and chamomile but this also includes tapioca starch, helping to keep the face looking matte all day, and aloe vera to keep the face feeling smooth. I find this moisturiser is good in the morning for it isn't too thick or thin and soaks into the skin almost straight away, meaning I don't have to wait to apply my makeup.

At night I use Olay: Complete 3-in-1 moisturising night cream (£4.89-Amazon) which is enriched with antioxidants to help the natural regeneration process. I find it absorbs, easily leaving the face without excess oil and doesn't clog my pores. If I am thinking of having a no makeup day I will use more moisturiser as I find it reduces the redness of my face temporarily.

3) Always use a primer.

A primer creates a barrier between the makeup and your face, protecting your pores. I use Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser primer which leaves a matte finish and instantly vanishes pores, leaving the skin feeling smooth. As well as being good for pores, it is extremely good for acne scarring. I find it useful for me because it has a matte finish which I find reduces the appearance of the redness as it doesn't look as bright. 

4) Invest in a green stick.

You can buy one of these cheap from natural collection for £1.99. I live by this stuff. I wear it every day as a base before my foundation. The green counteracts the redness of my cheeks so, under foundation, my face looks like a normal colour. I also find if I don't use the green stick my foundation goes kind of orangey, so if you have this issue it is worth investing in.

5) Use a beauty blender, not a brush.

I always find, when using a brush, my face is redder. When I use a brush I feel I am just moving the foundation around my face and it doesn't set as well and with this my green stick becomes faded because I have rubbed it off. 

6) Use a creamy foundation.

I haven't found my perfect foundation yet, however I find the Primark concealer is worth so investment. It is extremely creamy and blends nicely leaving a very good coverage although it can tend to look cakey, so don't apply too much. If I am in a rush or don't feel like doing my makeup but feel too self-conscious to not wear it, this is my go-to. I would still wear the green stick first, then a layer of this concealer and powder. Five minutes and I am out the door!

7) Define, define, define!

If your contour is on fleek 1) it covers the main area, for me, of redness, and 2) they can't focus on your spots when you look like a goddess. Looking defined is a major distraction from redness/spots. 

8) Avoid using pinky/red tinted highlighters.

Using highlights with pink or red undertones defeats the objective. These colours bring out the redness, more making your spots more obvious. I recommend using either a white, purple, or blue which are harsher, more cool tones, making your face appear more highlighted than blushed.

9) Make your eyebrows one shade darker.

This is just something I do personally and it may not appeal to some people, but give it a try. Having eyebrows that are one shade darker than your hair is subtle change, however, it makes people more drawn to your eyes rather than to your redness/spots.

10) Wear bright eyeshadow that brings out your eyes.

I've written a list down below of the colours of eyeshadow which really bring out each eye colour. However, you should experiment with this. I have hazel eyes and I wear any eyeshadow colour I feel like. Bright eyeshadow can really make your eyes pop, meaning people are more drawn to them and want to look at them rather than at your spots/redness. If they are looking at my eyes it always helps me to feel less self-conscious.

  • Blue eyes: Pink, purple, gold, grey, brown
  • Green eyes: Taupe colours, purple, mocha brown, gold,
  • Brown eyes: green, pink, blue, brown, purple (only some shades of brown)
  • Hazel eyes: Purple, gold, brown, blue, orangey undertones
  • Grey eyes: Peach, bronze, copper, orange, lilac, purple

11) Wear bright lipsticks.

The same rule applies to lipsticks; distract them from your cheeks to your lips.

  • Blue eyes: Bright red, bright/baby pink
  • Green eyes: Light orange, bright pink
  • Brown eyes: Magenta, nudes, dark red
  • Hazel eyes: Coral, brown, oranges
  • Grey eyes: Beige, pink, plum 

12) Add extra!

If you are extremely self-conscious in your spots, add extra, from eyeliner and fake lashes to gems and patterns. Do what you have to do to feel confident in yourself.

I hope these tips help and can make you feel more confident in yourself!

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Makeup Tips for Redness/Red Spots
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