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My Beauty Wish List

These are 10 of my most coveted items on the market right now for beauty, which I'm willing to bet will soon be yours too. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Basically, I can’t NOT think of beauty items I want. So let’s just dive in, shall we?

#GlitterMask Gravity Mud Treatment

Okay, so everyone and their grandma knows about the GlamGlow firming mask. Encased in purple packaging, there’s a shiny silver liquid inside which, when applied to the face, hardens and you'll be looking like the Tin Man glowed up. I love this mask. It was gifted to me back in the day (so like two years ago or so) and I overused the crap out of it. It’s got a pungent smell to it that my sister and I agree smells like the pina coladas we got vacationing in Florida one time. LIKE, EXACTLY LIKE IT. It's weird. Anyway, that's to say it smells delightful on top of being the best mask to take pictures in and for, OF COURSE, being very proactive at its main task of firming your skin. Because let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. It’s also a peel so it’s very satisfying to peel off and feel your first layered soft buttery baby skin underneath (that was a mouthful)! 

So, GlamGlow, near the holidays (I THINK near the Holidays at least. Don’t quote me on that) came out with the same formula and same purpose and smell to the mask—same EVERYTHING—except it’s black with silver and gold stars in it. And the only thing more fun than taking selfies like the Tin man, in my humble opinion, is taking them looking like the Milky Way!

Also, adding makeup atop your canvas of a face after having just gotten done with this mask is an absolute dream. It glides on so smoothly. 

So y’all will know if I ever really make it in life because I’ll have this $80 mask plastered on my face every night, probably re-watching Breaking Bad drinking either wine or hot chocolate in bed. Because, let’s be honest, your girl ain’t never paying that now.

ABH Soft Glam Palette

The main reason I covet this piece is because I  know that I’ll be able to do so many versatile eye looks with these bad boys. They have a lot of things I know I’ll use everyday like a black shade—which I usually use to smoke out my top lash line if I don’t want it to be as intense as a winged liner. Because day to day, I don’t wear false eyelashes—just mascara—so there’s no need for a big fat wing liner from a pen or gel to hide a lash band. So I just use the smoking out technique to hide all my insecurities instead. Then there’s also the necessity that comes with a white shade. And then the rest are very taupey, nudey essentials with some rose gold colours, oranges, and peaches I particularly fall over backwards in love with. And then there’s ALSO gold shimmery shades. The name of the palette really speaks for itself. But you can definitely build up very natural, everyday looks or go with some shimmer to spice up your life. Up to you. Once this hits Sephora, I am running—not walking.

Becca Opal Flashes Jade Highlight

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this before but if not, I should have, for no other reason than that they are awesome. I don’t know why but I am obsessed with cool toned highlighters. I am more about blue type highlights like the Aurora Kit or Moon Child from ABH Cosmetics than their golden toned or pinky toned kits like That Glow and Sun Dipped. I think that because I’m very pale and I have a pink undertone to my cheeks it works well and I like the look of it. This highlight blows those two blue toned Highlight Kits out of the water because it has a duo chrome holographic look. In one light, it’s golden and in the next it’s speckled with an aqua-like blue. It’s unlike any highlighter I’ve ever seen before and it’s definitely the most unique I've laid eyes on. I can see this working on any skin tone and would really add a pop to any look. Near the holidays, I remember it being on sale for a steal of $15 each which is absurd considering the original price is nearing $40. Unfortunately, they were all gone by the time I got to them. Which just goes to show…

I will either have to start saving up or wait until next Christmas, although with MY makeup obsession, and my spending money problem, that seems unlikely (and unhealthy, I might add).

ABH Sugar Glow Kit

I really just respect all her highlight kits.


Just kidding; that isn’t my ONLY reason.

She is known to be the highlight kuh-WEEN, however. It should be reason enough.

Going again with my cool toned obsession, the packaging is purple and it kind of matches the theme of these Highlights. They’re cooled down as opposed to some. Starburst is a color that is already in their That Glow Kit which I have, so it’s slightly a biased reason as to why I haven’t purchased it yet. It’s my favorite shade in that kit and strikes again here next to its very striking competitors. It might still be a favorite but I’d really have to try them on the face. It’s a light pink. Butterscotch and Marshmallow are more golden, Marshmallow being slightly lighter—hence that name again. And Gumdrop is a more vibrant pink. They all do look like sugar when swatched on the skin. I have too many highlight kits already so it’s definitely not a necessity but rather, a BIG want.

Kylie Cosmetics - Lip Kit in Exposed

I don’t know how long I’ve wanted this for, but it’s been a dang long ass time. (I just realized I wrote dang to prevent from swearing and then undid everything with the “ass” bit.) My mind is confusing, because I will prevent myself from buying any Kylie Lip Kits because I think it’s too expensive for what it is, but then I’ll go buy $60 serums or higher. I don’t get myself. Oh, well. The reason I want this lip kit in particular is because I tried it because a friend has it and it actually suited me well for a taupey, orangey brown color. So if you have anything like my colouring and eye color, it will most likely contrast well with you too (because my eyes are light so if you have blue or green coloured eyes and you wear an orange taupe colour on the lips, they’re contrasting colors on the color wheel so it will really bring out your eyes. Why am I telling you this? You remember Kindergarten Art class aka. Eat Play Dough Time).

Too Faced Mr. Right Powder Brush

I have wanted this brush for literally way too long and never purchased it because I know I hve a million brushes like it that will serve the same function. My mind, however, works in ways like: but I don’t have one with a cute little bow tie on it named Mr. right? He doesn’t exist but he does in that brush. Enough said.

Too Faced Born this Way Foundation

I got this in a sample size and it wasn’t even exactly my color but I loved it so much I made it work: like squeezing into size 6 boots your friend owns when you’re really a size 7 because they're so bomb. Sometimes, you have to suffer for beauty. The regretful thing there are blisters on your feet later and the regretful thing here is your face not matching your neck. But, I digress. It’s made by Too Faced—so I already loved it. But when I tried it on the skin, it blended so beautifully and a little goes a long way. You don’t need much of this for a full coverage which I adore and you end up looking dewy even after setting your face with powder. It’s $50 a bottle so for now, I’ll probably stick to my Maybeline Fit Me which is easily compared to the Nars Radiant Foundation. Not hating if you only buy $50 foundation—I wish I was you, girl; trust.

Fenty Beauty Stick Highlight in Confetti

First of all, this is a huge want because it’s a cream product and my skin responds much better to that than any powder product because my face, hair, AND body are all that dry. I am basically the Sahara Desert in a person. It also is made super easy for use because it’s in stick formation so it can easily be applied. It’s also from Rihanna so obviously when you wear it, I imagine you turn into her and like sweat confetti or something—hence, the name. I really found that when I swatched them, this one and Unicorn really stood out to me, because they have that almost holographic looking swatch, and they have those two tone blues and purples in them which I’m a ride or die fan of, CLEARLY. Confetti is just more wearable because it’s lighter and I loved it more because it’s more subtle but with more wow factor (which is a double negative I’m pretty sure but, moving on)... It literally looks like confetti. There are sparkles in it. The only comparable thing to it is the Milky Way on your face I described earlier.

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Mask

I’ve purchased this for myself in the smaller size. The dream is to one day not feel guilty or fall late on a credit card payment buying the full size version at 80 bucks a pop. It IS worth it, though. This has to be the most luxurious feeling mask I’ve ever tried. Plus, I don’t know what GlamGlow puts in their mask, but they always smell so flipping amazing. It quenches dry skin and almost looks like a mud-grainy texture up close but goes on the skin coolly and makes your skin feel fresher than a breath mint. Literally, when applied, your face feels like when you have an icebreaker in your mouth; if that makes any sense. YOU guys know what I mean.

Fresh Pressed Daily Booster With 10 Percent Vitamin C

This is the most easy extra step to any skincare routine (now, that’s an oxymoron). You basically squeeze drops of this serum in your moisturizer day and night and it is supposed to brighten, revive dull skin, prevent sun and environmental damage, and prevent aging—all in one serum. It’s made with oranges and vitamin C so it makes sense that it has so many renewing properties. I like this because it’s not an extra step to your skincare routine and like I’ve said time and time again, yo' girl is lazy. So it doesn’t complicate your life for no reason whatsoever. You’re instructed to put moisturizer on the back of your hand and then add the drops in—not to be added directly to your moisturizer. I’m sure the world wouldn’t fall off its axis if you did this, but I’ve learned from burning sensations from leaving face masks on too long to always follow box-given directions. It takes your skin to the next level is what I’ve heard from people who’ve used it consistently for a prolonged time. It’s $94 for 4 vials with a small-ass-amount inside though, so I’m good with my mediocre skin for now. But a girl can dream for a brighter future and face.

So, after that earful, enough about me; tell me about YOU! What’s on your beauty wish list?

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