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My Curls

It is a long journey figuring out what products work best for your hair.

I have been trying to transition into leaving my hair natural; this means not putting any heat on my hair whatsoever. I have failed a couple of times and straightened my hair, gave into the idea that having straight hair is better because it’s easier to manage. There are many times that I wished I had straight hair; I straightened my hair every day my entire freshman and sophomore year in high school. Do I regret it? HELL YEAH!

I’ve learned to appreciate my hair but still it’s so much work just to tame the mane. My hair type is 2c/3a, super frizzy, and short. It's not at the ideal length but it's a process. 

I’m in the process of growing out my hair again and I’ve been trying to use affordable products because broke college student. I use products like Shea Moisture, Maui Moisture, and Cantu. My absolute favorite so far is Cantu. Why? Because it’s the most affordable. I have an entire shelf filled with Cantu hair products.

In trying to grow my hair out I have done many hair masks and deep conditioning treatments. I’ve looked things up online and Youtubed other people journey with natural hair and trying to grow it out. I've realized that no matter how many people show me the "right" way to take care of my hair, it doesn't work the same way. Each hair is unique in its own way and what works for someone else might not work for you. Hence, most things do not work out well for me. My curly hair takes forever to grow—the last time it took two years to grow just a couple of inches. It has been very hard to make things work, using different and all products you can think of. Sadly, I can't afford to spend a lot of money on very good brands for curly hair. I'll get there soon enough but nonetheless these affordable products work AMAZING! They are a real lifesaver for those trying to take better care of their hair. 

Patience is running thin, but I’ve been very happy to see hair getting moisturized (meaning less frizz) and healthier (meaning not many split ends). My hair is very dry, I can go days without washing my hair and it still won't look oily. I'm not so sure if that's a good thing but I do let my hair go a couple of days before I wash it so that I don't continue stripping the natural oils essential for healthy hair. 

My hair is constantly frizzy. It doesn't matter how much oil and product I put on my hair it always ends up frizzy. I have reapply product throughout the day just to try and calm the frizz. I'm okay with a little frizz, there's not much I can do but work with what I got. I used to be embarrassed walking out with a full set of frizz but I love my hair. 

One specific product that I’m currently obsessed with is the Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment. It works miracles! It really moisturizes my hair, makes it feel soft and healthy. Since I’ve damaged it so much with all the heat that I use, it has really helped. Whether I do an overnight treatment, or I put it on to refresh my curls, this is by far my favorite product from Cantu. 

When it rains outside my hair just blows up and not in a good way. I decided to test try the Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment since it's been raining a lot where I live. Normally, I'd have to carry products with me if I go out and reapply in the car because it gets pretty rough. This time I made it to my destination without having to reapply any product. Of course, I took it just in case, but I didn't need it whatsoever. I got the desired volume without crazy amount of frizz, my curls looked fresh and moisturized. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product. Maybe this could work for you too, give it a try. 

Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Threatment