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My Fancy Skin Stuff

Oils. Serums. Masks. Jade roller.

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Welcome all! I’m Alana, and I want to share with you my fancy skin stuff that I should do more often—but I’m way too lazy. I love masks, oils, serums, and my most recent obsession; my jade roller. I'm not going to talk about all the masks I’ve ever used or what didn’t work for me. I just want to share what I like at the moment and what it does for me. I have normal to dry skin, and in Alaska the air is so dry! These are a few products I use outside of my daily face routine. So they are fancy... right? 

My FAV Mask

First Aid Beauty: Hello FAB ginger and turmeric vitamin C jelly mask ($32)

I love this company and all their skin care products! I buy these products at Sephora. My skin after using this mask is GLOWY AF, and so, so soft. Vitamin C is used to brighten the skin, and also has firming qualities. Tumeric+Ginger are also used to brighten the skin. It has been thought that Tumeric may be able to help with eczema, inflammation, and acne scarring. All in all this mask is great. It burns a little as it sits on your face, but it's not unbearable and I love what it does for my skin.

Oils and Serumssss

I LOVE using oils and serums!

I have found some particular oils and serums that I like, and I use them in a couple of different ways. I either mix them into creams or apply them straight to the face or area of the face that needs a little extra TLC.

  • Valjean Labs: Hydrate Facial Serum (hyaluronic acid + vitamin B5) and  Firm Facial Serum (Vitamin E +Ferulic Acid)
  • PearlEssence Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil
  • Measurable Difference: Vitamin E oil

I mix all of these oils along with some rosewater and Vaseline with Ponds moisturizer to create a SUPER moisturizer. Depending on the season I change it up as needed. So for winter I add more Vaseline and Vitamin E oil, and for summer I may add some sunscreen to the mix. I don't make a lot at a time, and so I'm not totally committed to one recipe.

My secret weapon. The Jade Roller.

This tool is so simple, but so so awesome! My jade roller leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed, and the look of my skin is shiny and glowy.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical. Did this actually work? Was it worth my effort and money? So of course I searched in TJ Maxx, and came across a double ended jade roller, and it only cost about 6.99 so it was worth a try. I got home and did my normal routine and some serums, and then I looked at this roller and was genuinely lost on how I was supposed to use it... so, ya know... I googled it. Haha. I found an image of the directions that you should use the roller. Let me tell you; I was amazed. I really love the cooling effect it has on my skin, and not to mention I felt fancy doing it. It was just the little something I needed to amp up my fancy skin care.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this gave you some ideas on your skin care paths!

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My Fancy Skin Stuff
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