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Natasha Denona: The Gold Palette

A Review

Disclaimer: There is a difference between a constructive critique and negative criticism. If you do not know the difference, then this not the post for you.

Note: This is not my first Natasha Denona palette, but it is my first 15-panner (yes, I made the word up, deal with it) from her. I have the mini sunset (which I like), the holiday joya (which I also like), and now this.

Shadow Descriptions

  1. Lime Chrome: A gold topper with green reflex.
  2. Python: A deep dark green matte.
  3. Sparks: A white topper with gold reflex.
  4. Aria: A tan matte.
  5. Cava: A true gold topper.
  6. Aurora: A matte like shadow with glitter in it.
  7. Dijon: Mustard yellow in the pan. But oxidizes on the lid.
  8. Oro: A beautiful gold metallic.
  9. Log: A very buttery dark brown matte.
  10. Varis: A beautiful copper brown shimmer.
  11. Brass: A beautiful chunky light gold shimmer.
  12. Sand Stone: A transition tan matte.
  13. Alchemist: A lighter copper shimmer.
  14. Teak: A deep tan matte.
  15. Aurum: A deep gold shimmer.

Colour Story

Aria, Sand Stone, and Teak—we did not need all three of them. They are too similar for anyone to notice the difference when on the lids.

We could have had an orange/red tone gold shimmer, a black matte—while not used as much these days—would too still have fit right in with the theme, a soft yellow matte, a medium brown matte, a lighter green matte, or a true green shimmer.

The options for both wearable or fun shadows were countless.

Performance (Pigment, Application, and Wearability)

Natasha Denona is the only brand that does not swatch well on the arm. But once on the eyes, holy smokes. It blends like butter, stays on like white on rice. There is subtle fallout, but not anything like ABH. This is a true, buildable palette. I do love the quality of these shadows.


Pretty to look at, but not the most practical. The leather is cleanable, but the foam inside the palette, if stained, will be a pain in the rear end, forever and more. I do wish she would have had a black plastic palette, like the carton the palette comes in. That would have made it look more luxe.

Price vs. Quality

I do not feel like I am paying for quality packaging, so much as the name. There are some aspects to her leather palette designing that makes it feel cheap. I do feel that she should from now on stick to her plastic packaging. And at her price point, there should be no compromise. If we have to, then what’s the point of such a high price tag. There are other cheaper shadows that blend well, work well, and most importantly, stay on the kids just as long. Yet have a better price point and superb packaging.


If you look at all of her 15-pan palettes, I do think that this the most wearable palette of them all. The green in the palette may tell you otherwise, but there’s just literally one pop of colourful in matte in here. In contrast there’s a lot more colour in all the palettes. So if you’re buying this for the fun of it, not recommended. But if you like gold, and use gold shimmer on a daily basis, then go for it. Or the other option would be to buy three of her five-panners, which allows you more customization. Having said all of that, I do love this palette and it's staying with me.

Though I would not recommend Dijon (mustard yellow) and Python (green) together. Unless you know how to make them work.

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Natasha Denona: The Gold Palette
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