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New Face and Confidence With Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent eyebrows can boost confidence and shave time off of getting ready.

What if there was a way for your face to always be ready to go, no matter the situation? There is, it’s called micro-blading or powder brows, depending on the procedure that is chosen. To learn more about this process, I talked with New Face owner Christine Hwang about all things semi-permanent makeup. She was also kind enough to let me sit in on a session where she tattooed eyebrows on to a client. It was an eye-opening experience.

Before her client came in to have her eyebrows tattooed on, Christine sat with me and explained her philosophy. “We are taught the rules of how things are done, we practice techniques in a safe and practiced way—but sometimes, a client really wants something that may go out of the realm of facial proportions, slightly more dramatic than we are comfortable with, or a color that we may not think suits them. But I feel like I achieve client happiness because I really try to help them achieve their aesthetic desires.” The measuring phase is possibly the most important part of the entire procedure. It’s something that she takes seriously, making sure the drawn on outline is as perfect and close to the client’s brows as humanly possible.

Once the client arrives...

Christine walks her through the entire procedure. Beginning with explaining that she’ll draw an outline of the brows and ending with letting the client know that it’ll take about two hours to complete. Christine also urged the client to let her know if the numbing agent wears off, so that she can reapply it to avoid any discomfort. She explains to me, “Procedures can take up to two to three hours generally, depending on the service. Eyebrows, in general, take about two hours, and so do lips and eyeliner. But of course, it also depends on the artist’s style, technique, and how experienced they are. The length of the appointment doesn’t necessary correlate to quality or experience!” From a quick glance at her website and Instagram account, it would appear many clients have been very pleased with her style.

Christine keeps the conversation flowing while she is working on her client. In particular, she makes sure they are comfortable, and the pain isn’t too much for them. When the client needs the numbing agent reapplied, she does it and talks about how passionate she is about helping people feel confident about themselves. “A good microblading or powder brow job can sometimes result in taking 10-20 years off someone’s face. That is no joke, as many of my older female clients have raved that it is as effective as a face or eye lift! Sparse, thin, uneven brows can age the face and affect one’s self-confidence. Permanent makeup, for both women and men, can truly boost your confidence level, which is the most valuable gain.” Yes, it’s true men can also benefit from the procedures that she performs on a daily basis.

Besides the confidence boost, what other benefits come from semi-permanent makeup procedures?

There’s saved time, and they can also help you look much younger. “At New Face NYC, I specialize in microblading brows and ombre powder brows — both of which are hot trends in the beauty industry. Most women struggle with brow makeup every morning: trying to make their eyebrows symmetrical, trying to paint/fill them in to look as natural as possible, getting them both to look the same in a reasonable amount of time. Brows not only frame the eyes, but they also can make one look more youthful, prettier and more put together. A good microblading or powder brow job can sometimes result in taking 10-20 years off someone’s face.” Doesn’t Christine’s words put a smile on your face?

New Face NYC

At New Face NYC, Christine also tattoos lips, but she is best known for her eyebrow work. In fact, she’s in a league of her own when it comes to how she does eyebrows. “Anyone who uses stencils isn’t considering the unique characteristics of every single person’s face, so I truly believe tailoring the experience and service to each client is the key to client satisfaction.” The Client that I sat in with, was very happy with the results. After thanking Christine profusely, she walked out of the office looking youthful and had a new found confidence.

And with another New Face in NYC, Christine ended another day of helping people take time off their daily regiment and making them feel better about themselves. 

Check out some of the work Christine has done. 

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New Face and Confidence With Semi-Permanent Makeup
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