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New Nudes by Huda Beauty

A Review


All of the mattes and shimmers have stellar pigmentation on my medium/honey/tan neutral undertone skin. They do translate as different colours for me. But I have seen people with much fairer complexions state that all the colours translate as the same thing for them. So generally, while I do think that whatever works for me will most definitely work for someone lighter. And that is what I have seen even with this particular palette online for the most part. But I have heard some negative reviews from lighter people about it being muddy for them. I cannot apply the same logic with darker skin people, because whatever works for me does not necessarily work for darker people. But I have seen many darker people loving the palette.

Performance (Application and Wearability)

The application is smooth and buttery. But the lasting of the eye look does leave something to be desired. There will be fading of the look given a few hours without a primer. And with that price tag, not okay. I should not have to use a primer for any eyeshadows sold at Sephora.


I personally find having your own face on your products in a brand named after you to be narcissistic, not to mention effortless. I do like her face on this palette much more than her other palettes, as it is not too much in your face, pun totally intended. But I would have much preferred her unicarton design to be on the actual palette.

Individual Shadow Description

Row 1

  • Bare: Pale bone matte
  • Crave: Gold duo-chrome or shimmer with pink undertones
  • Play: Subtle coral matte
  • Fantasy: A pink duo-chrome or shimmer with a hint of magenta
  • Love Bite: A plum matte
  • Spanked: A pinkish mauve matte

Row 2

  • Lace: A lilac matte
  • Daydream: A soft pink duo-chrome or shimmer
  • Tickle: A medium pink matte
  • Excite: A reddish pink glitter
  • Infatuated: A sparkly pink glitter
  • Kinky: A magenta shimmer

Row 3

  • Concealed: The eyeshadow primer
  • Secret: A pinkish (base) matte
  • Tease: A purplish mauve matte
  • Raw: A pink tone light brown matte
  • Charmed: A rose gold shimmer or duo-chrome
  • Teddy: A medium pinkish camel tone matte

Colour Story

The colour story is not revolutionary. But I do like the concept of pink neutrals. I do think that this palette brings forth a fresh idea, that a different colour apart from beige can most definitely be an everyday wearable eyeshadow look. Plus, a soft pink look is so much prettier than sand.

Some alternatives for an overall pink/mauve palette but substantially cheaper:

  • Oh La La by Colourpop
  • Naked Cherry by Urban Decay
  • Lolita by Kat Von D
  • Berries and Cream by Dominique Cosmetics
  • Mauve + Amethyst by Huda Beauty


All things considered, on an objective note, I would give this palette a 3.75/5. On a subjective note, I would give this a 4.5/5. Because for me I prioritize one thing over everything else, and that is how often would I use this (expensive) palette. And the answer to that is, I can see this being an everyday palette for me. However, I do think that for what it is, it is expensive. I do very much enjoy it, and that's why I can swallow the bitter pill of not being able to justify the price tag.

I am a firm believer that the makeup prices in Sephora are never justifiable or healthy. But if anything is over sixty (Canadian) dollars (an average for most eyeshadow palettes), then the product should perform at a hundred and a ten. Which this palette is not because of multiple factors, one primarily being that it has glitter shadows. Glitter shadows in the palette in my book is just not done, unless it entirely a glitter palette.

I would urge you to go to a store, test it out before purchasing as this is not for everyone.

And since this is a permanent line, we can be patient for it to come to the area before purchasing. Because if you return it after trying it at home, likely that product is going to end up in a landfill. And that is exactly something we should aim to avoid, which reviews/anti-hauls help us to do.

Au Revoir!

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