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Oscar-Worthy Hair

That’s Wearable in Real Life

Angela Bassett and her gorgeous hair gliding down the red carpet.

I tuned into the 91st Annual Academy Awards. I was paying close attention to the hair, of course. I was glued to the TV for the red carpet pre-show. What stood out for me the most was the range of styles and textures. The mood was all about diversity and individuality. This also reflects what’s happening in film making right now. Powerful stories are being told, casting defies stereotypes, and basically our intelligence as viewers is no longer being insulted with a rehashing of predictable plots and themes.


Red Carpet Photos from Instagram

My favorite looks, in the above collage, include sophisticated bobs, perfect braids, regal locs, a very natural looking bun with wispy strands framing the face, multicultural curls, and smooth, long, hair with just enough wave in the front.

What’s even more exciting is that these looks are absolutely wearable and easily translatable to the salon clientele. They fit well into the lives and textures of real world women. And let’s not forget the most killer sleek bob of all...

Charlize Theron came to slay.

Can’t go wrong.

Charlize Theron rocks this color and style with power. All of the women pictured here are symbols of style, strength, and intrigue. Here is how I would interpret these looks for various types of client scenarios:


Is your wedding boho chic? Organic? On the beach? Do you already have locs? Then Lisa Bonet’s locs bundled into an updo is the perfect inspiration. Or maybe you have long thick curly hair that can be pinned up in a similar way.

And that sleek updo with the crown braid? Elegant with just about any gown.

I truly love all the above-pictured styles for a formal occasion because they don’t take away from the woman or the gown


The bobs and the bun are a no-brainer, but J Lo’s long tresses could also work. Hopefully, your workplace has a progressive approach to the dress code when it applies to hairstyles and does not consider braids, locs, natural curls, etc. as “outlandish” Not only is that delicate wording discriminatory against African textured hair, but let’s face it, those styles are beautiful. You should be able to wear it and still be taken seriously as a professional.

Busy Mom

I truly believe that there's a way to interpret a bob for almost any texture. Aside from getting a trim every four to six weeks, you’re looking at a very low maintenance style that can transition easily from wash and go natural texture, to a blowout and either a flat iron or wand if you have a special occasion.

Here’s how to communicate what you want to your stylist:

Photos say it all... almost.

Photos definitely help. They convey the overall message when you may not have the right words. However it’s also important to say what you like about a particular photo from Pinterest or Instagram. Maybe it’s the color you really like. Maybe it’s just the length of the hair. Maybe you’re drawn to a particular shade of blonde, but you don’t like how it’s styled in the photo. You don’t have to know all the hairdresser lingo. But you can make the most of your consultation time. There, your stylist will advise you on what’s doable for your hair situation and lifestyle.

Be honest...

Be honest about your at home hair routine, your hair color history, chemical processes you may have had to alter the texture, medications, and health issues. This is useful information to us hair stylists. All of it factors in to finding the best options to give you the desired results.

Don’t be afraid to make a change.

Even a small change can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Take advantage of glazes/toners. It’s a great way to change things up a little with your color without being committed. Consider a different type of haircut that makes the most of your current length. You might like having layers. Or, perhaps you should try a more precise or blunt cut. You don’t have to do anything drastic (unless you’re really up for it). This is why it’s important that you feel comfortable in the stylist’s chair.

No matter what style inspires you, commit to having healthy hair this spring. Get a conditioning treatment. Schedule that long overdue haircut. Think about your hair color. It’s a great time to schedule a consultation and work out a plan with your stylist for your hair goals.

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Oscar-Worthy Hair
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