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Platinum Blonde

4 Steps to Get to Platinum Blonde

You have heard the famous quote "blondes have more fun!" But are you ready for that commitment? Do you know where to start? As a hair color specialist here I share the steps to get to the blonde of your dreams!

1. Look for a professional.

Find a hairdresser you can trust or that you have seen their work online. You want to have a hairdresser that educates you and makes you feel comfortable about this process. Depending on how light or dark your natural hair is and your previous hair color history, your stylist should be able to let you know how many sessions you will need to get to your goal without compromising the health of your hair. Also they should educate you about what products you will need to use at home and how to style your hair. And I promise you you will need a trim EVERY time you go lighter in order to keep your hair looking bomb!

2. Money

Platinum hair is one of the highest maintenance colors wich means it will turn into an investment (for some more than others) to keep it looking great! Each session is different in pricing for everyone since it could be from 3 to 12 hours long depending on your hair length and density or if its a color correction process. Some people may need more sessions than others. Some people can get platinum hair in 1 session if they have naturally light hair, others might take 3 to 4 sessions in a period of 3 to 6 months and in extreme color correction cases it can take up to a year to get that flawless platinum! You will also need to invest in professional branded products these will give your hair the protein it needs to stay manageable and endure the process. Over the counter products are diluted with big amounts of alcohol and heavy waxes so use the products your stylist recommends! It takes a lot of technique and time from the professional providing you with the service so remember you get what you pay for!

3. Understanding Hair Levels

I'm sure you want that blonde in the least amount of sessions, but before you sit on that chair, let's talk about hair levels. For example if you have very dark hair or have colored it very dark, it's most likely you will be a lighter brunette first! And that is because the pigment under that is a very dark red orange. It takes leaving the lightener max time if your hair can endure it to just get you to a lighter brown. Minimum time between sessions is 2 weeks but your stylist will let you know what is best for you. Keep in mind you will probably need to go once a month to the salon to retouch your new growth. As sessions pass, you will be getting rid of those underlying pigments until you get to that platinum you crave! It's important that you are aware of this so you don't have false expectations on your sessions. Stay true to the facts and understand that for some of us it's a journey.

3. Pick a style.

Not all blondes are the same! Duh?! Right! So pick what you like that is easier for your lifestyle. All over platinum is more work to keep up with and a color correction is something some of you might need if you are looking for that bold flawless look. Dimensional color is more customized and detailed and expensive as well. A color melt or a Balayage/Ombré is less hard to maintain when it comes to visiting the salon for a retouch but is more pricey. But home care is the same. Pick wisely!

4. Plan the big day!

Time to book for the big day! Make sure your appointment is on a day that you have nothing to take care of since you might be there for a long time or all day! You now know everything you needed to know about your investment, your goal and the time and sessions involved. Don't forget to take some snacks and a drink and your phone charger! You can sit back and relax with no worries future ice queen!