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Poo Smear

Health Fad Where People Rub Variations of Poop on Their Face

A beauty fad that has actually been around for quite a long time is creating a facial mask made of poop or using a poop infused soap. In fact, poop facials have been used in Japanese culture for centuries by geisha and many other beauty-focused individuals to keep their skin looking radiant and fresh. Some of these masks rarely have human feces in them, but some do contain human feces.

I’ve compiled a list of different types of poop facials and the benefits they can have.

Baby Poop Mud Mask

If you are eco-conscious and interested in an organic, body-restoring, eco-friendly, skin-rejuvenating skin treatment, then look no further!

Individuals that have tried this facial treatment have had nothing but good reviews for the effects. Some may not agree with rubbing your own child’s poop on your face but if you think about it, is there any harm being done? You are simply recycling the waste and using it for a benefit that most women pour money into for beauty products and skin treatments filled with chemicals. Really, you are doing the environment a favor if you choose to use baby feces instead of these chemical-filled products.

There really aren’t any steps that you need to take in making this mask as you just use straight up baby feces. However, most women recommend cleansing your face really well before and after treatment. I know some of you won’t agree with using actual baby human feces, but if you think about it, people have been bathing in mineral mud for ages. Just choose what you feed your baby carefully!

Nightingale Bird Poop Facial

Individuals from Japanese culture have been using nightingale droppings in their facial treatments for a very, very long time.

Typically the feces is converted into powder form, and the powder is then mixed with water to form a paste. The paste is then massaged into the skin for a few minutes and then rinsed off. Typically the mask is odorless and sanitized. Some brands add rice bran to help neutralize the musky odor.

The excrements from the nightingale have a high concentration of urea and guanine. Urea is found in some cosmetics because it locks moisture into the skin. Guanine is an amino acid with bleaching properties and in turn, this provides a post-facial glow with shimmery effects on the skin. You can either find a salon that offers these type of facial treatments, or you can order the treatment online to use at home.

Homemade Worm Poop Mask

Yes, people actually do this. It’s not that surprising if people can use baby feces—in fact, it is almost like the same concept of making an environmental, eco-friendly impact. Earthworm castings contain humates, auxins, kinetins, and cytokinins that act as plant-growth regulators. This can stimulate cell growth and act as an anti-aging compound that can be extremely beneficial when being used on human skin.

All you need to make this mask at home are earthworm castings and water. Mix into a paste, apply to the face and let dry, thoroughly rinse, and then you’re done! Some individuals recommend using unchlorinated water to avoid killing the microorganisms in the castings. Some ladies recommend tossing in some essential oils or avocados to the mask recipe, but it is completely up to you what you add and you can look up other recipes online.

So if you are using skin products that just aren’t doing the trick for you then check out some poop products! Whether you decide to use your own child’s poop, bird’s poop, or worm poop, you can make a positive eco-friendly impact and possibly discover an awesome product to help your skin. Many individuals who use these products rave on how they helped clear up acne and even helped to heal cases of eczema and psoriasis.  

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Poo Smear
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