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Products for a Must-Have!

Do not miss out on these products! Come and have a read. :)

So I have tried to find good shampoos in order to maintain the blonde hair colour that I need. Never have I found anything just as great as this shampoo!

There is so much to say about this shampoo that beats all the other brands! Okay, so like all other products, this one of course truthfully has its downsides.

Of course it keeps that beautiful shade of blonde/white tones to the hair, and of course I will say that I have had quite a few compliments using this product. I will aim to use this purple shampoo at least once a week and leave it in for about 10 minutes to really penetrate the colour. And after you have left it in for about 10 minutes, just go ahead and wash it out.

I've put together some questions for you! Read below! :)

How much is it? It depends what size bottle you get, I have the 1500 ml one which is £20.48 the one here above that I've put on here. It will last you ages, as you should only be using it no more than once a week/twice a week. You can get slightly smaller ones if you just want to begin trying it out!

What it's like? So the shampoo is a very dark coloured deep purple concentrated liquid. You ONLY need a little bit, however, if you have thick hair (like me) then I would suggest using a bit more than a grape sized amount. I find that if you do use a lot then it can be quite irritating on the scalp, just because it's a very strong shampoo with a lot of chemicals! So just be careful and go little by little. Also, remember to read the back of the bottle! Some ingredients don't suit people, so just do it for your own safety.

What's the smell like? Well, the smell is very similar to all branded salon shampoo products; it has that very strong smell so this is why you need just a little bit. No more than a grape sized amount (honestly).

What are the downsides of this product? This product tends to leave the hair quite dry (but that's literally it). It performs keeping the colour extremely well! You can finish off using a really good conditioner that I have used which is one of the Bed Head products. I find it does an excellent job in really conditioning the hair, it feels so soft after washing it out. I'd advise to leave this on for at least about 3-5 minutes or a bit longer. Just for those better results.

Bed Head Resurrection Repair Conditioner

So here I have taken a screen shot down below of this product from Amazon. You can see the full name of the product, how much you can get it for, and what size you can get, too! So this is one of the biggest sizes you can buy; I have this size myself. It should last you about at least a couple of months depending on how many times you're using it. I wouldn't use it every day, again, because this is another very strong product and should really only be used for professional uses. But if you do feel your hair needs some loving, then of course go ahead and use it. But just little by little. 

Am-a-zing Stuff! :D

Another L'Oreal product! 

I have another favourite product which is a hair serum. It has such a gorgeous salon scent to it, and I received this as a Christmas present a few years ago. I have definitely stocked up on this product; it really leaves the hair feeling very smooth and very well maintained. I only add a few drops of this product then run it through my hair locks with my fingers. Here I have taken a snap from Amazon for your consideration... mmm, maybe? It is a lovely product honestly. You won't be disappointed. OMG, it sounds like I am selling this product... no, really, I am not selling it. I am just expressing my interest towards it and telling you that it definitely works, so why not go and order it? ;) 

It's a good value too for the product, and I also have the same size in the picture just posted here below. I really like the name of the product; it's so creative! 

So these are my few favourite products that I use for myself. They may not work for you. But I hope they do! Go ahead and try them out. And let me know your thoughts :)  

I will be posting some more of my favourites, so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Last But Not Least (Oh No, Definitely Not)! There Are So Many More!

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Products for a Must-Have!
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