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Project Pan: 2018

Here are all the products I finished this year.

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original

This is one of my favorite Urban Decay products, to be honest. The packaging is appealing, it looks like a cute little potion that would have been sold in an apothecary. The product itself is one of the best consistencies for a primer. It is creamy and sticky, but not to the point where it looks blotchy or oily. Once it has dried on the eyelid, it is incredibly breathable, almost as if it wasn’t even there in the first place. Once I applied eye-shadow, I would get absolutely wonderful pigmented color. The kind of color that I don’t get with a bare eyelid, or even other primers that I’ve used. There’s zero kickback, so you’re not losing any color or pigment at all. It’s an excellent product and I used almost every single drop throughout 2018, and I’d buy it again.

L’Oréal Visible Lift Blur Foundation

I used the foundation in the color natural beige, and the first thing I noticed is that the foundation in the bottle looks much darker than it does when it dries on your skin. That is something to keep in mind when purchasing this foundation. I personally found the texture and consistency to be a little too watery, and it was easy to accidentally dump too much onto my skin or beauty blender and then have to figure out how to blend it all out. Otherwise, it was a good foundation that worked for me and while it wasn’t my personal favorite, I’d buy it again if I needed too. However, I am currently using a foundation that I like better. 

Pacifica: Perfume Roll-On: Indian Coconut Nectar

This was a disappointing product. It smelled wonderful and I was excited for a perfume that rolled on instead of having to be sprayed out into the air. That makes application much easier and friendlier to those in the area who might have perfume allergies, if you are out and about. However, the smell didn’t last long on my skin at all, and wasn’t very noticeable. The final straw though, was the decay of the product. After a few months, the liquid inside of the bottle began to turn an orange-amber color, and there were visible particles floating around in the liquid. While I’d like to give Pacifica the benefit of the doubt and say that it was just a bad batch, I wouldn’t buy this again.

Maybelline: Great Lash Mascara

This is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras! Maybelline gets bonus points for the packing. The green lid and pink bottle is so appealing to the eye. It gets your attention when it is sitting on the shelf at your local drug store. The wand itself is sort of short, a little shorter than I personally like, I tend to be a fan of longer mascara wands. However, that being said, the tip itself makes up for that. The bulb is fat and wide, and the bristles cover the entire thing, making it easy to get into the corner of your eyelashes and add a surprising amount of volume. I find that you get the best results when paired with another mascara as a second layer over this one. I will most certainly continue to buy this in years to come, just like I have been doing.

Moon Valley Organics Chapstick

This is a local brand of chapstick in the Pacific Northwest. It contains all nature ingredients, and is mostly made of beeswax, according to the label. The packing itself is pretty generic for a lip balm, but it is recyclable, so it’s a good brand to keep in mind for being environmentally friendly. There’s a wide range of amazing, unique flavors like Blackberry and Tropical Coconut Lime. The product itself goes on smoothly, and makes your lips moist without feeling sticky or greasy. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for a good lip balm especially with the benefit of it being very environmentally friendly.

Nyx: Pin Up Tease Mascara

I finished one more mascara in 2018, and it was this one. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the product itself as I was the wand. The mascara is just sort of, generic. It isn’t a bad mascara, to be fair, but it isn’t amazing, and I tended to put it over the Maybelline mascara for a little extra “oomph.” The wand is really nice though. It’s a medium length, and the tip is curved to the shape of your eye, which makes it extra easy and even fun to get all of your eyelashes! I’m not too sure if I would continue to buy it, mainly because of the quality of the mascara itself, but I would still recommend at least trying it.

Beyond the Zone: Pro Formula Dry Shampoo

This was the first bottle of dry shampoo that I ever used, so I don’t have much to compare to, but I liked this brand. It whisked the oil and grease out of my hair perfectly in between showers, and the spray was easy to control and direct onto my hair. It did not leave my hair flaky or powdery. I would recommend it, and I would use it again.

Urban Decay Hi Fi Lip Gloss

I got the opportunity to try these as part of a free sample when I ordered something else with Urban Decay. I would absolutely try the full product. The color is bright and shiny, and it feels moisturizing, which isn’t always something that you get with drug store lip glosses. Also? The best part of it is the smell. It has this really nice, minty vanilla scent, along with gorgeous color and feel. I’d like to buy them the next time I purchase new makeup.

Well! That’s everything I finished during 2018. As I use my makeup and finish more products, I’ll set them aside for another review at the end of the year. Maybe I can beat my record of eight? We’ll see. ;)

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Project Pan: 2018
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