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Protege by Suva Beauty

A Review

Disclaimer: It's really not that serious. Please don' get offended.


  • Price- 46 CAD plus 5.98 shipping
  • Skin Type- Oily
  • Skin Tone/Foundation/Concealer- Medium, 300 in Fenty's Pro Filt'r
  • Eyeshadow Primer- None (don't like to use it)
  • Reason to buy- Came in Boxyluxe subscription box
  • Environmental status: Cruelty free, vegan friendly

Packaging: 0.95/1

Cute, chic, and appealing; I absolutely love the art. The palette has organized the shadows in such a manner that you really cannot go wrong with it. I do wish that the highlighters actually would have been eyeshadows instead, so we could have had two extra colours. 

Colour-Story and Theme: 0.7/1

This is a half berry, half warm colour story. Hmm, I really don't know. I am truly on the fence on whether the colour story and theme go hand in hand or not.

When I think the term protege, I think student, I think: 'What's the first lesson?' And as non-professional everyday makeup user, when I think eyeshadow lessons, I think neutrals and smoky eyes. But given that this is today's widespread makeup look, perhaps it makes sense for now.

But I still do think that the theme is more appropriate for a neutral/smoky colour story, before, now, and in the future. But it's not a totally off the mark by any means.

Application: 1/1

I personally found it easy to use. The mattes are on the dry side, but that did not impact how I usually apply my makeup at all. But some people did not like that. The shimmers do require a wet brush, but they are stunning and buttery.

Performance: 1/1

In the winter it has lasted me 4 to 5 hours, which is how long any palette lasts me without an eyeshadow primer; it is good enough for me. 

Keep or Return: 0/1

I will probably declutter it; one it has colours that I already have in palettes I enjoy much more, and two I find it a bit too simplistic for myself. But it is good for people who don’t like too much going on in one place. 

Conclusion: 3.65/5

Personally, I found this palette not that exciting, or even worth the retail coin, in my humble opinion. This product would cost me 52 CAD. For that price range I can find a colour story similar to this with many more shadows from many high end brands. So I don’t see why I would pick this up, given the alternatives below.

Bare in mind, don’t get trapped by the aesthetic. I personally enjoy the quality, but it does have mixed reviews. So if you’re keen on Suva Beauty, but prefer a wearable eye look, then you might want to give this one a pass.

The point (for me) of an online only retailer is that, it either provides a cheaper alternative, or a unique product, and at times perhaps both. This to me is a packaging gimmick, where you pay a high end price, but get less of the same thing.

While it’s a nice palette, and makes for a cute on the go makeup bag accessory, I’m not in love with it. Frankly speaking, to me it’s not worth 52 CAD.

Having said that, when SUVA releases a unique palette again, I will buy it. Protege has sold me on their quality and brand, just not this palette itself.


Modern Renaissance by ABH: Similar price, more colours, riskier packaging though

Norvina by ABH: I forget if this is still available!

Queen of Hearts by Coloured Raine: A fan favourite. It does go on sale at 40-ish CAD, I believe.

Mauve by Huda Beauty: Better quality, more shadows, and cheaper

Born To Run by Urban Decay: It’s truly my fave at the moment.

I can name a few more, but you get the drift.

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