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Put-Together in a Pinch

Post-Workout Beauty Tips for Women on the Go

Many of us have incredibly busy schedules, especially around the holidays, and have to fit in a workout between meetings, errands and the rest of our day. When there’s no time for your full routine between the spin studio and stepping out into the rest of the world, you need to be prepared. I’m here to help you pack a simple, fool-proof survival kit to provide proper pampering post-gym!


  • Makeup Wipes—Although you probably don't have any makeup on at this point (or at least you shouldn’t), it's nice to get rid of the grease and grime you just accumulated while you exercised. A ‘no water necessary’ cleansing cloth takes away the trouble of toweling off after washing your face.
  • Face Mist—Normally formulated with ingredients such as rosewater and aloe, facial spray is the perfect pick-me-up post sweatfest. Harsh chemicals found in many face products will be irritating to skin right after a workout. Instead, the gentle ingredients in most mists calm redness and soothe any irritation, perfectly prepping your face for your next step.
  • Sunscreen—After a workout, your skin will be extra sensitive for the next few hours. Swiping on SPF will ensure that you’re protected from harmful UV rays throughout your day. While this may not help with the immediate appearance of your skin, it’s incredibly beneficial long term.


  • Mattifying Powder—After sweating out all of your toxins, your skin is bound to get greasy in the few hours after you leave the gym. Blot oil-absorbing powder on any shiny areas with either a clean makeup brush, a tissue or your fingers. The super light formula won't clog your pores or provoke pimples.
  • Lip, Cheek & Eye Color—Enhance your natural rosy glow with a multi-use, cream-based product. Muted pink tones are universally flattering and will compliment your leftover workout flush. Tap the product on the apples of your cheeks, your lips and your lids for a look that’s natural, yet eye-catching. Plus, you can apply it with your fingers for maximum convenience.
  • Cream Highlight—A little glow never hurt nobody! Cream highlights pack a big punch with minimal effort. Apply to your brow bone, inner corner of your eye, cheekbones and even collarbones for a post-gym pick me up! You can even dot it in the center of your lips to perk up your pout.


  • Brow Gel—A double-duty brow tamer works wonders when you’re in a pinch. Clear gel can help keep hairs in place, while its tinted counterpart can be used to fill in any sparse areas. Tidy brows instantly make you look more put together so this simple step is an absolute must. Plus, the dark side can double up as mascara if you feel like getting fancy!
  • Dry Shampoo—Tamed tresses will give the illusion that you’ve gotten a chance to suds up after spinning. Even when your hair is back during your workout, it can still become greasy and frizzy. Toss a mini dry shampoo in your bag for a convenient way to soak up sweat. Throw your hair in a top knot or sleek chignon after spraying to get it out of your newly freshened face.
  • Dry Conditioner—Never heard of dry conditioner? Well your life is about to be turned upside down. After using dry shampoo, your hair can tend to look clean but a bit lifeless. Spray this strand-saver from midshafts to ends to reinvigorate shine and moisture!

Deodorant is also a must, but you all knew that. Message me if you tried any of the tips above or if you have any go-to's that aren't listed!