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Review of Colorista by L'Oreal Paris

Product Review

Hello! This is a review of Colorista by L'Oreal Paris. Let's cut to the chase; I love this product and you will too if you are indecisive or if you only want semi-permanent colour in your hair.

I have tried the light purple, the light blue, and pale pink. the purple colour was my favourite because I did not have to use much of it for it to show in my blonde hair, also, when it started fading out it went to a dark shade of purple that looked fantastic on my hair! It also lasted the right amount of time that it said on the bottle! (That usually never happens.) Also, if the colour does not fade out in the amount of time you want it to, there is a shampoo you can use. 

Let's move on to the blue; the blue, depending on how light or dark your hair is, I had to use quite a bit to just get my tips dyed. I nearly used the whole bottle, now there's only one fifth left of it. But the blue came out really nice and I got lots of compliments on my hair. The product is also very easy to apply to your hair because it some with a painting brush, but I used my fingers and hands with the gloves because I found it works better. As the colour fades, however, it turns into a green-ish silver blue colour, so I recommend you use the shampoo to fade it out. I left the dye in for 30 minutes and it was very bright.

The pink, the pink does more than you think! Yes, the pink showed up with barely any in my hair and I loved that! It also looked the best on my blonde hair; I only did the one streak and I liked how it looked. the fading out of the colour also went really well with my blonde hair, so I had no complaints. I left the dye for 20 minutes and it showed up pretty bright.

The gloves are also really great. They are the cheap ones, but they give you more than one pair, so you can dye your hair to your heart's desire.

However, there is one complaint about the product. When you go under the shower to rinse it off, the shower gets super super slippery. I had to hold onto the walls of my shower just to keep myself from falling and hurting myself. That should be a warning issued on the label. I don't know why that happens, could be the chemicals put in the dye. So I started to just do the tips of my hair and wash it out in the sink.

My one other only complaint is that it stains. Make sure you cover the surface with something like paper towels or magazines or newspapers to prevent it from staining. I also used vim to wash off the staining and that worked well, so you can wash it off. I recommend that as soon as you accidentally drop some on the floor or counter clean it immediately and water usually works, but if you left it after five minutes then you need to use a cleaner of some sort. 

When dyeing your hair, use plastic bags at the ends of your hair to make sure it gets fully saturated and this way you prevent yourself from getting dirty. Make sure to not wear your favourite shirt; it stains it too. However, after washing the shirt, the dye tends to come out, so it is not the worst tragedy. If you have dark hair, you will have to bleach and they do provide a bleach that you can use. I want to use one of the colours meant for darker hair, because it then stays in longer with the blonde hair that I have. My shade of blonde is medium, so if you have a similar colour you will get a similar result.

Happy dyeing!

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Review of Colorista by L'Oreal Paris
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